View Full Version : Lian Li PC-A79B Questions

Black Phoenix
04-09-2014, 09:41 AM
Good Afternoon,

I have some questions regarding the following model: PC-A79B

1 - There exists any top panel only with the cuts to the fans, without the multimedia ports and power/reset buttons compatible for this case?
The reason is because I'd like to have the top clean only with the assembly for the 2x 120/140 Fans with filter. Then I could use your Part No.: BZ-U08 for the USB3.0 and Power/Reset switches (I did not use/need the Front Audio/eSata ports) and the Part No.: BZ-S01 for the rest of the connections needed.

2 - Is possible to fulfil a special order from Lian Li with the options needed, having this tower as base and asking for replacement of some parts (The ones indicated above, plus the Part No.: PCI-03 and Part No.:W-LF2AB-3)?

Best Regards