View Full Version : Areca-1880-24i w.2GB Problems

09-06-2012, 04:04 AM
Thank you for the info.
Today I have for the first time, a problem with one of my two servers which are equipped with the Areca-1880 24x 2GB of RAM controllers.
The Linux Debian System spat this: arcmsr0: abortion device command of SCSI ID 0 LUN 0 ; arcmsr1: abortion device command of SCSI ID 0 LUN 0 and a short time later, the controller and the Linux system is not accessible anymore.
Then I have replaced the controllers, to check both, no success, the same symptom.
Then i replace the Servers, both are identical builds, to check the Serverhardware, Backplane etc, same sympton.
The problem migrates with the HDDs or is on them.
The emails I get from the RAID controller if a crash happen, means that all 4 arrays are degraded, and almost of the HDDs either failed or removed.
After a reboot if i even can trigger this everything is OK again. Both in the BIOS of the controller as well as if the server is up, and i look into the webinterface. As soon as we try to copy data from the Server to another Host the same things happen again, Debian complained here shortly and reset the controller and the system blocked again. Power Supply as a precaution I have distributed on 4 different phases. 2X to 2 APCs and 2 x directly on two power outlets.


09-14-2012, 01:42 AM
I have had some mindnumbing issues before with bad cables - I am sure it's one of the things you have already checked...is error always on SCSI ID 0 LUN 0???