View Full Version : Storage Device vs Streaming device?

11-20-2011, 07:09 PM
ultimately my parents are gonna start asking for christmas ideas and idk what to tell them. recently the kindle fire came out, my boss got some for work and they are pretty nice but 8gb of storage and mostly everything streaming and its a tablet.

Today i found out about Cowon and about the Cowon S9, an ipod for ipod haters, and the Cowon X7 a full on portable media player.

the S9 has 32gb of storage for any video and lossless audio with 11hour video playback and 55 hour audio playback 3.3" OLED
specs: http://www.cowonglobal.com/product_wide/COWONS9/product_page_5.php

the X7 has 160gb hdd for any video and lossless audio with 10hour video playback and 101hour audio playback 4.7" LCD

the fire has 8gb internal storage only, mp3 audio with 8 hour battery, but has wifi access and streaming capabilities.

so whats better? a portable media storage and playback device or a portable media streaming device?