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10-18-2011, 02:15 AM
DimasTech is now listing some sleeving, the colors available are 11 at the moment, and dimensions available are 6mm and 12mm (equal to 1/4 inch and 1/2 inch) this products are HIGH density and where specified the colors are UV, we're updating once all stock arrive with other dimensions and also Heat Shrink too.


Colors List:
Blood Red UV
yellow UV
Violet UV
Light Blue UV
Dark Blue UV
Orange UV
Greeh UV
Pink UV
White UV

abstract from the website:

Uv Colour Braided Sleeving , UV Reactive, High-density, PET,

Our Uv Colour Braided Sleeving are made of Polyester expandable have the characteristic of being Flame retardants and halogen-free.

They offer a long-lasting resistance against abrasion and can be used in many fields of application.

The intertwining of the filaments allows easy installation even with bulky connectors.

The sheath reaches its maximum expansion time, and 1 1/2 its nominal diameter.

Application Areas - Cover can be used to:

Industrial hoses


Material: Polyester
Color: Orange UV
Operating Range: -50 ° C / 150 ° C
Melting Point: 250 ± 5 ° C
Flammability: VW-1
Certifications: UL, CSA, RoHS, PFOS, REACH, Halogen Free