View Full Version : Aspire 520W 12V rail so low?

01-25-2004, 06:38 AM
Can anyone find out how to Mod this PSU. I took it apart and there is no pots in side to adjust.
Mainly looking to mod the 12v rail Looks like they are on differnt rails.


Reason i want to mod this power supply is cause it's the quitest PSU ever when adjusted low. And it runns soo much cooler than a Enermax 350w i have.

With a VMM the

12v out of box 11.21v 12v load 11.6x - 11.79 w/9500Pro 11.91v
5v out of box 5.01v 5v load 5.01v
3.3v out of box 3.40v 3.3v load 3.31v

any help with this power supply would be great.

This was all on a P4P800 both V1.02 vdimm mod and vcore mod w/FULL PAT and a v2.0 STOCK
CPU: 2.4c and 2.6c can't get either to go above 265 stable
RAM: Geil PC4000 and Kingston PC 3200 ch5 chips
Vid: GF3 and ATI 9500 Pro
HD: v1.02 Has RAID 0 , v2.0 just UDM5
Cooling: v1.02 water cooled , v2.0 Stock

Peace, Nugz