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06-29-2011, 11:25 PM
Yesterday evening (GMT+2), we published HWBOT R4.1. Underneath you can find a list of all the improvements over R4.0.1. Some are small bugs, some are just for internal usage. The two major new features available in rev4.1 are:

Advanced search:


Notifications on user & team profile page (facebook style):


All features were tested on our test server and were found functional. However, sometimes merging to public brings new bugs. Feel free to report any bugs!


[HWBOT-383] (http://bugs.hwbot.org/browse/HWBOT-383) - Internet Explorer: banner is not visible
[HWBOT-386] (http://bugs.hwbot.org/browse/HWBOT-386) - Bug: shader clock not saved
[HWBOT-393] (http://bugs.hwbot.org/browse/HWBOT-393) - Incorrect TPP when user joins new team
[HWBOT-394] (http://bugs.hwbot.org/browse/HWBOT-394) - REV4 Points issues
[HWBOT-400] (http://bugs.hwbot.org/browse/HWBOT-400) - Enable achievements


[HWBOT-215] (http://bugs.hwbot.org/browse/HWBOT-215) - Rev4 product database extention (disk/psu)
[HWBOT-374] (http://bugs.hwbot.org/browse/HWBOT-374) - Score ranking: brand and product group of partner not visible
[HWBOT-375] (http://bugs.hwbot.org/browse/HWBOT-375) - Split up benchmark navigation into processor, mainboard, videocard and memory benchmarks
[HWBOT-385] (http://bugs.hwbot.org/browse/HWBOT-385) - User profile: indicate if team captain
[HWBOT-387] (http://bugs.hwbot.org/browse/HWBOT-387) - HCE: competition stage by benchmark subtest
[HWBOT-395] (http://bugs.hwbot.org/browse/HWBOT-395) - HCE: control over prize listing


[HWBOT-198] (http://bugs.hwbot.org/browse/HWBOT-198) - HWBOT server monitoring
[HWBOT-319] (http://bugs.hwbot.org/browse/HWBOT-319) - Functional testing of rev4
[HWBOT-396] (http://bugs.hwbot.org/browse/HWBOT-396) - Add Oceania as region
[HWBOT-397] (http://bugs.hwbot.org/browse/HWBOT-397) - Reset password functionality
[HWBOT-398] (http://bugs.hwbot.org/browse/HWBOT-398) - Prepare market share reports for GIGABYTE
[HWBOT-399] (http://bugs.hwbot.org/browse/HWBOT-399) - XML API - competition and result hof

Sub Task

[HWBOT-204] (http://bugs.hwbot.org/browse/HWBOT-204) - Help section
[HWBOT-206] (http://bugs.hwbot.org/browse/HWBOT-206) - FAQ section
[HWBOT-322] (http://bugs.hwbot.org/browse/HWBOT-322) - Competitions
[HWBOT-339] (http://bugs.hwbot.org/browse/HWBOT-339) - Unigene submission
[HWBOT-348] (http://bugs.hwbot.org/browse/HWBOT-348) - Personal page with overview of which scores dropped and gained points (notifications)
[HWBOT-351] (http://bugs.hwbot.org/browse/HWBOT-351) - Internet explorer: points tab on user profile bug
[HWBOT-356] (http://bugs.hwbot.org/browse/HWBOT-356) - QPI/ref clock submission bug
[HWBOT-358] (http://bugs.hwbot.org/browse/HWBOT-358) - Team's "today submissions"
[HWBOT-359] (http://bugs.hwbot.org/browse/HWBOT-359) - Team homepage link
[HWBOT-364] (http://bugs.hwbot.org/browse/HWBOT-364) - Add rules link to benchmark table
[HWBOT-365] (http://bugs.hwbot.org/browse/HWBOT-365) - Internet Explorer: enlarging screenshot forces download
[HWBOT-366] (http://bugs.hwbot.org/browse/HWBOT-366) - Achievements not functional?
[HWBOT-369] (http://bugs.hwbot.org/browse/HWBOT-369) - Rankings: exception for team rankings under team profile: show user name, not team name
[HWBOT-370] (http://bugs.hwbot.org/browse/HWBOT-370) - Add Hardware Masters ranking to personal profile overview
[HWBOT-376] (http://bugs.hwbot.org/browse/HWBOT-376) - Description field of submission not functional
[HWBOT-379] (http://bugs.hwbot.org/browse/HWBOT-379) - Can't update country field in team profile
[HWBOT-380] (http://bugs.hwbot.org/browse/HWBOT-380) - Not possible to indicate #cores with unlockable CPUs
[HWBOT-381] (http://bugs.hwbot.org/browse/HWBOT-381) - Show cooling in submission table
[HWBOT-388] (http://bugs.hwbot.org/browse/HWBOT-388) - Search news
[HWBOT-389] (http://bugs.hwbot.org/browse/HWBOT-389) - Search members
[HWBOT-390] (http://bugs.hwbot.org/browse/HWBOT-390) - Search teams
[HWBOT-391] (http://bugs.hwbot.org/browse/HWBOT-391) - Search submissions

06-30-2011, 01:42 AM

its like a car getting a new engine, ecu, and exhaust lol

thanks RB

06-30-2011, 07:14 AM
Please bring back hardware browsing!

06-30-2011, 12:00 PM
Thanks for the update Frederik, your hard work is very much appreciated by everyone on the team! :)