View Full Version : How to optimize my loop, cracked Swiftech Res

02-17-2011, 03:08 AM
Hi Guys

Need some professional advice on changing my current loop.


The acrylic of the res cracked :eek: and I would have a replacement res from the same brand, however, seeing EK res cracked on google and forums is might be also not good.
Thinking of going with the EK res though which has the threads drilled in the metal part which looks more stable....


the swiftech res rev 2 is just :buttkick:
I know i probably over-tightened the fittings but with a metal i hope it won't break...


Also if you see the current setup i have I thought to saw-off this cage by a third and install it in the top part of the drive bay together with the new EK Res and the 2nd pump. Pity though, the res is 15cm long and the space I have just 12cm or less. Option might be to add it beside the mobo??


do you have any other recommendations which is better...??

problem also was the res which just not seemed to fill up when i had the pump and res on the bottom with the top rad mounted...can't completely fill the system/loop/rads like this :confused: