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04-28-2010, 02:38 AM
I just attached a flow sensor to my cpu loop and I read data in aquearo during test on the desk. It says the flow is 34 l/hour. Isn`t it too little? I have high-flow sensor by aquacomputer. I made the calibration and moved it to 2 different locations yet it reads the same 34l/hour.
Also when I tilt the radiator i hear water moving in. :shrug: Could it be that there is a lot of air inside the radiator or it is normal to hear it like that.

04-28-2010, 02:53 AM
Without some more details (at least what pump you're using, but it'd be more helpful if you could list your entire loop) it's impossible to comment. If you're hearing sloshing and gurgling noises you're still bleeding, which will be reducing flow-rates.

04-28-2010, 02:57 AM
ok i have laing ddc 3.2 ultra 18 W version, 3 temp sensor(in-line) from aquaero ,1 flow sensor, XSPC RX 360 rad, HK 3.0 , 4 male-to-male feser fittings, 6 compression fittings by specialtech.

04-28-2010, 03:05 AM
For correct sensor readings pulse count of specific sensor model should be set. It is 169 pulses per litre for Aqua Computers flow sensor.

04-28-2010, 03:07 AM
ye it is set :(

04-28-2010, 03:09 AM
Hmm. None of those are particularly restrictive, and 32LpH works out to about 0.15GpM (you'll find that to be a more commonly used measurement unit here, as most posters are American) which is way below what I'd expect. Have you checked to make sure you haven't got any kinked tubes? There's nothing inside the CPU block? Can you test the pump in its own loop with just the flow-rate sensor to confirm the pump is working properly?

04-28-2010, 04:03 AM
I will test the pump now . block must be ok i blew air through it from one side and water rushed qucikly to the reservoir

04-28-2010, 04:45 AM
Thank you guys- it was the cpu block. The jet plate was full of particles leaving only 1 hole for water to pass through. Now I have 365l/hour :)))))))))

edit : Is it normal for my setup to have such flow rate or there is still some trash in the system ?