View Full Version : Nvidia GTX 280 + "pink screen of death"?

03-21-2010, 10:01 PM
I have a mate with an original Intel X48BT2 mobo and a C2Q 2.66GHz CPU, + a GTX 280. He's been getting random block pattern screens and crashed PC in Win7 upon cold booting his PC when starting WoW or Fallout 3 (the two games he's been playing).

Recently he switched to WinVista, and the problem seemed to go away. However he tells me now that after his PC had been running for many hours yesterday and he started Fallout 3, it happened again. So far he's only gotten this problem once in WinVista.

He's been working as a PC tech for like 15 years or so and not encountered anything similar. He's done web searches and checked forums and found many people with the same issues, but I thought I might ask here just as well.

Anyone might know if my bud's card is croaking on him, or if it's a driver issue? Thanks!