View Full Version : TacticalGamer.com presents IL2 Forgotten Battles

12-16-2003, 08:28 PM
We are now hosting an open 24/7 IL2 Forgotten Battles dedicated server that is open to the public. The server in addition to the other 13 games we host is on a constant DS3 connection with EXREMELY low latency and high reliability. We have full teamspeak support and our own IL2 channel. TacticalGamer is all about teamwork and friendship. As such, we seek out squads, clans and friends that play team-based military oriented games. Tactical Gamer was started as a place for us "older kids" to play and get away from the public deathmatches that seem everywhere these days.

What I'm trying to do is grow a flightsim community over there and all I need are warm bodies to fly there. If any SimHQ.com flyers would like to use this server as their home server and post in our forums, please do. This is an open invitation to anyone and everyone here to fly with us. So give UBI.com a break and drop on by.

Check out the intro here:



IL2FB Server IP:


-=TG Hollywood=-