View Full Version : [ONLY for FALCON 256GB SSD]Firmware 1571 released

06-05-2009, 01:15 PM
New firmware 1571 released!

Change Notice
Bug fix: Host program lost drives if NAND BIST (burn-in self-test) is run on multiple drives.
Bug fix: Read fail handling had various bugs.
Bug fix: ATA Security Command didn’t work as expected. Regardless of actual security level, IDENTIFY (0xEC) command always return “High” level.
Bug fix: ATA Security Command didn’t work in AHCI mode.
Bug fix: Power off recovery has bug in certain circumstances.
Bug fix: If host sends invalid SMART subcommands. Abort was not sent to host. It causes long delay during BIOS POST.
Bug fix: SMART attribute data was not initialized properly for certain fields.
Bug fix: When ATA command was sent with 0 sector count, SSD firmware had bugs