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Award Debug Beep Codes:

The most common Debug Beep codes, what they mean, and how to work with them.
This Guide is intended for Foxconn QuantumForce motherboards, but the codes should be identical or very similar on all Mainboards with Award BIOSes.
If your problem isnt described in this list or the tips listed here dont help you, send a private message to me, or contact the Foxconn tech support. Before you do so, please search the foxconn section here on xs to see if anybody else has the same or a similar problem and post in that topic/thread or open your own topic/thread.

Long Short Short
One long and two short beep codes mean that there has been a VGA memory error. This could mean that the vga memory is either damaged or defective, or that the vga bios is corrupted.

Long Short Short Short
One long and three short beep codes mean that there has been a VGA device error. This means that the vga is either not seated properly inside the pciE slot or that there is no vga present at all, that the vga power cables are not properly connected or not connected at all, that the PSU is too weak or the same vga power cable is shared with another vga, that the vga bios is corrupt or that the vga card is damaged or defective.

Looping Short Beeps
Endless short beeps point towards a system memory error. it means that the memory is either not inserted properly, that the spd is corrupted or can not be read, that the spd is not compatible with the BIOS, that the memory is defective, the memory controller is defective, or that the motherboards memory slot or memory pwm is damaged.

Alternating Long and Short / High and Low Beeps
Continued alternating long and short beeps, or sometimes perceived as high and low beeps, point towards a cpu error. it means that the cpu is either damaged, running too hot, or that the motherboards cpu socket or cpu pwm is damaged.

If you notice any beep codes that arent listed here or had one of these beep codes and the problem turned out to be something different than described, please post here or pm me so i can update the list :toast:

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