View Full Version : major +5 line voltage fluctuations

08-03-2002, 12:24 PM
Well i just upgraded to a maze3-1 as you guys may know, and now i seem to be getting worse voltages than i did before i upgraded...

im at 4.92-5.00 now at 2.05vcore and 2ghz. now this is ok, but as soon as i run toast or another other load program, the voltage with drop to 4.5 :eek: and has gone to 4.4... the +12 also jumps up high to 13.2 from like 12.9..

ive adjusted the pots inside my pp412x antec psu. what do you guys think is going on?

08-03-2002, 12:36 PM
Your 12V is getting dangerously high. I believe Gamer has killed 2 videocards due to a 5V mod.

But I dont get the connection between swapping Waterblocks and your voltages?? Did you OC higher now then before (Higher Vcore that is)

08-03-2002, 01:20 PM
i dont get the connection either.. i just know my +5 never got this low ever.. andive been at these speeds before..nothing has changed!

08-03-2002, 03:07 PM
Check your ATX connector to the motherboard. It may not be fully seated.

08-03-2002, 03:12 PM
Originally posted by DaGoochMeister
Check your ATX connector to the motherboard. It may not be fully seated.

NICE DUDE! i thought that same thing but i went to check and it was in... well i just tried again.. and i guess one of the +5 red wires werent in all the way.. well i gave all the wires a push and my +5 is back! :toast: :toast:

08-03-2002, 03:19 PM
very nice,
Hmm maybe I need to check mine.