View Full Version : Problems with Black ops holding bios settings

11-17-2008, 12:21 PM
Hi everyone

This is a real strange problem I am having with this motherboard

I have a QX9770 on phase had it at 5.0ghz, everything was fine cpu-z showed the OC at 5.0ghz everything was running fine.

I changed the multi so I could try for 5.4ghz. Now cpu-z reads overclock at 3.2ghz multi @ x8. So i went back to the original settings for 5.0ghz. Thats it I cant do anything now to get cpu-z to display 5.0ghz.

Its not just cpu-z its other programs also.

Its as if the bios is not holding the overclock. I can even get 4.4ghz to work

software is reading any setting I do as 3.2ghz 8 multi.

Bios is P05
Temp on cpu is -49oC

Anyone have any idea of what could be wrong?


Stupid me used a new HD and a clean OS, forgot to change the power settings in vista