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10-13-2008, 09:51 PM
Hey Guys,

Just a quick headsup since im busy with so many things.
Ill add more infos and details to this bit by bit.
for now i think this is already pretty helpful i hope :D

orthos and memtest 86+ test5 will both work about the same as in telling you what the max stable speed is. if one fails after 10mins the other usually does as well, if one fails after 1 sec, the other will too etc.
orthos stresses chipset a bit more than memtest though, keep that in mind...
memtest instead has the advantage that it can be loaded within seconds after bootup, while prime needs you to boot into windows.

spi 32m is pretty useless, dual pi 32m makes sense and is about as usefull and reliable as running orthos or memtest 86 test5 for the same amount of time it takes to get dual 32m calculated.

test 3d! it stresses the chipset and memory in a different way (vgas use the systems main memory to store quite some stuff and access it agressively)

i would highly recommend you and others to use an approach for testing the max mem speed.
dont try to find the exact max stable speed, you can spend years on that... :D

if x mhz is stable for x minutes/x runs in x benchmark/tool, then you can be pretty sure that going down 25mhz or 50mhz for the memory will mean its 100% stable. at least in that test. 3d usually needs you to drop 25mhz compared to 2d to get the same stability.

10 minutes testing is usually enough already to get a quick idea of what the mem can do.
if 10mins x is stable drop the speed by 25-50mhz and you should be rockstable...

hope this helps :toast: