View Full Version : Looking For G3/8"-1/4" BSPP w/ 1/2" barb 90 Deg. Elbows

09-08-2008, 09:51 PM
Hey XS-WC guys

Need some help finding a pair of G3/8" and G1/4" BSPP 90 degree elbows in the U.S. somewhere, preferably black (already seen the standard clear ones.)
The G3/8" elbow is going on my oldy, but goody, Thermochill HE120.3 and the G1/4" elbow is going on my Swiftech Micro Res.


I tried searching the forum for something similar, but the only info I found was someone linking the above picture to OC.uk store.


I like these Koolance elbows, but I can't be paying that much for fittings I'm afraid..same for those sweet Bitspower elbows too, RATS!

Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

09-08-2008, 11:37 PM
Despite their (deserved) stigma, those koolance fittings are not bad. And they come in pairs. For $15-16, thats not bad. Especially in light of overall watercooling costs. Budget watercooling is kind of an oxymoron.