View Full Version : ATI 4870 X2 & nVidia 280 Temps?

09-06-2008, 06:50 PM
Hiya guys,
can someone tell me the temps they are getting on the ATI 4870X2 and the nVidia 280, with stock cooling and/or water cooled temps with loop specs.
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BTW I was going to post this in the Graphics card section, but i thought it would be good to know the stock cooler vs the water cooled. Thanks

09-06-2008, 11:53 PM
4870X2's without a fan mod of some sort run crazy high, 80's at idle and up to 100c at full load. My 4870X2 is set to a constant 70% on the fan when I play games, and idle's in the 40's and loads in the 80c's in games such a CoH:OP and GRID, as well as when running Vantage. The Heat output of the 4870X2 is insane, If you can watercool, just do it.

I was planning on watercooling, but job related issues have put that off for a bit.