View Full Version : iphone problems

03-24-2008, 03:58 PM
well joined the masses and bought me an iphone but i have all these problems with it. Most of the problems i have not found a fix.

I bought an album on Itunes and while playing it the song freezes and then skips to the next song. I thought it was something wrong with the transfer but when i delete it in itunes and sync it back the next song will get messed up. Searched the net but theres no solution. People say to convert it to mp3 but that won't work because m4p files are protected.

Trying to sync photos but the damn thing doesn't want to transfer. People say to sync it from a flash drive. Will try the method when i find a flash drive.

ringtones. When I add a ringtone itll add with out problems. When I try to add another ringtone it will just duplicate the first ringtone. In itunes it will be like 5 different ringtones but only on the iphone would it be all the first song.

not sure if its just me but i never have good experience with apple. :mad: Should I just return it and then receive a refurbish or just hope they fix it with an update?