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06-23-2002, 07:55 AM
Rumour has it that the new Via 4in14.40 drivers (just appeared in the xtreme systems downloads section) can increase 3DMark scores by 50-100 points... decrease on PCMark due to more stable but slower IDE Driver... am about to check em out... just out of curiosity, is there a "best 4in1 driver" version to use with 3dmark? I've been using 4in1.38 and 39beta mainly.... sorry if this has been dealt with in a prev thread but the search wasn't being too cooperative at the time (having all sort of problems getting pages to load 1st time at the mo)

06-23-2002, 08:21 AM
The 4.40's gave me a 7 points score bump compared to WinXp's native drivers... w000t! :rolleyes:

06-23-2002, 08:23 AM
Hi Marci:)

With all the T-bred testing going on I haven't had a chance to try these yet myself. As far as the best drivers go for highest 3DMark scores..the 4.37's..in particular the 4.05c AGP driver...has proven to this point to be the fastest in my system and OPPAINTERS in Windows 2000.....it also was the best in Win98. I'll be trying the 4.40's early this week in 3Dmark to see what difference it makes. Monday and Tuesday I'm tearing my system down for a fresh KX7-333R board swap so will have my hands tied for a bit. Looking foward to hearing users experiences with these new 4in 1's:)

Randi :D

06-23-2002, 08:41 AM
they dramatically improved my boot up time....

06-25-2002, 09:17 AM
well im going for a format again in next day or so now my epox is back in system so im gonna give em a whirl along with the new detonators

06-25-2002, 01:53 PM

Dont forget the Drive Image 2002.
Once you used it, you´ll never go anywhere without it.

Takes 10 minuites to reload a fresh windows, m8.


06-25-2002, 08:58 PM
And don't forget my 2 cents about the VIA Raid Fix :rolleyes:

06-25-2002, 11:24 PM
Originally posted by damn1
And don't forget my 2 cents about the VIA Raid Fix :rolleyes:

Doesn´t that only complies to raid setups?


06-26-2002, 10:21 AM
looks like VIA updated them again to version 4.40A P3

This is the latest VIA chipset motherboards driver. This driver will automatically detect and install the latest version of : IDE Busmaster, VIA AGP Driver, IRQ Routing Driver, and VIA INF Driver.

What's new?
Update VIA chipset driver from v1.50 to v1.60a
Update VIA AGP driver to v4.20a
With this release all Pre-Windows-ME versions of Windows are supported again.

Download (http://downloads.viaarena.com/drivers/4in1/VIA_4IN1_V440V(a)P3.zip)

06-26-2002, 03:30 PM
well i tried the latest vias and run 3d mark at various speeds and i topped out with better settings than what i used to get my highest score and scored 23 points less so its back to the older ones for me ......... thanks for the tip mackanz .... bit late now though with forum not been right for the last few days but will do it tomorrow when i finish work ....... got a beer/benching session friday lol......... dont suppose a certain lager could refresh the pc parts i cannot reach ,. btw i dont drink that brand though its like gnats................ so for me its back to the 4:38.......... or 4:39

06-26-2002, 03:32 PM

4:37 , and thats an order!!



06-26-2002, 03:44 PM
Does higher HDD performance affect the 3DMark2001SE scores?

06-26-2002, 03:57 PM
yes colnel mackanz on the double lol no probs will do