View Full Version : ultra-d bios problem with the x2

12-20-2006, 08:53 AM
I swapped my winchester to a x2 3800+ toledo (other specs: 2x1gb rams, the lanparty ultra-d mobo). The comp powered on, but couldn't boot into the os - it stops when it should write "cmos backup sth... ok" and boot the os. I tried some bios options around, to no avail. Previously I would only experience this kind of behavior when I overclocked it too much and it was unstable. So I cleared the cmos and... windows started up. It even sees two cores and is functional, other than detecting no network interface. Another restart and - no, it won't boot. Nor another time around, etc. So i cleared cmos again and windows started up again. Rebooted - it won't start. So, for every cmos clear I only get one correct bootup. I went on and flashed the bios (using Winflash) to 329 (previously it was 2006/04/06), but the problem persists.

An evident problem with the bios. What would you do? Is there some bios version I should try? Thanks for feedback in advance. :toast: