View Full Version : Week 45 - Member rankings - One k|ng to rule them all.

11-06-2006, 11:12 AM
The member rankings based on hwboints mtzki everyone has been waiting for were finally released to the public this week. Some members, like k|ngp|n (#1), onepagebook (#3), macci (#4) and eva2000 (#8) lived up to their name and showed up in the top 10 from the start.


member rankings smallA few less known members amazed us by hogging such a high spot right from the start. Just one glance at their user profile clearly shows they deserve it. The Queen is being server well with their British elitist Maverick SG1 (#2!), ncc-1709 (#7) and Mr Dizzy (#5).

Surprisingly, not everyone in the top 10 has chosen to join a team. 3 rogue members members managed to sneak up to the top 10 without a team chearing for them. Congrats, I_G (#9), and DeathScyth (#10). Word on the street is k|ngp|n will be joining OCX Team Insano Promote. If true, OCX (#2 in team rankings) will have a comfortable lead on Extremeia (#3).

This weeks member in the spotlight is S_A_V, who gained a respactable 16th place by winning a huge amount of hardware awards.

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