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06-12-2002, 12:19 AM
Cows Cause Downtown Traffic Trouble
It was an usual scene in downtown Oklahoma City Monday after a group of cows broke loose from their confines and ran through the streets near 7th Street and Pennsylvania Avenue.

One liberated bull ran into one Oklahoma City motorcycle policeman and two patrol cars, Eyewitness News 5's Terri Watkins reported. The animal was shot and killed after it charged a child.

Another cow was captured after it knocked homeowner Barbara Overstreet down entering her fence.

"He came around the corner and the officer said, 'Shut your game, ma'am, and I shut my gate on one side and started to shut the other, and he got me and just kept going," Overstreet said.

The animal ended up in the back yard with the homeowner's pit bull dog, relaxing in the shade of a tree, where officers were able to round him up.

Two other cows were tranquilized and recaptured.

Oklahoma City police said the cows escaped while being moved from one pen to another at the Oklahoma City Stockyards.

06-13-2002, 03:42 PM
Bah! Captured my ass! We're still on the looooose!!:D :p :D