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  1. mini fridge mod
  2. pelt stacking
  3. Interesting cooling site
  4. whats exacly is a peletier can i put one on my cpu
  5. Peltiers and Condensation
  6. 172w Pelts
  7. Interesting Problem...
  8. Pelt Users: What is your case temp?
  9. How do you guys use a pelt with a waterblock like a spir@l or z4?
  10. will 80w pelt + chilled water be good for a Vmodded GF4?
  11. Pelt Users: Temps of pelt & block NO LOAD.
  12. Swiftech MCW40-T Review
  13. This is great !! Waterchiller!!
  14. Peltier cooled GPU
  15. TEC installation complete...first impressions!
  16. P4 and TEC's.....
  17. Quiet Power TEC Upgrade Article
  18. Brrr cold
  19. I need a water chiller!
  20. My Water Chiller
  21. best pelt for vid card?
  22. P4 +226watt
  23. Coldest hot-side temp?
  24. 156W pelt with dedicated PSU, Is there a prob here?
  25. Powering my pelt
  26. New Intel-Only Dual 226w Swiftech Waterblock
  27. An idea fit for a extreme overclocker.
  28. a little help in here
  29. Cool chips put peltier junctions to shame.
  30. Pelt Voltage
  31. Peltier PSU hookup.
  32. How big a rad do I need?
  33. SWIFTECH Peltier Heatsink!! $91!
  34. Would this be a good pelt psu?
  35. dead PSU or dead TEC?
  36. TEC + Chiller, disappointing temps
  37. temp problems
  38. Swiftech 462UT temps...help?
  39. Insulation questions
  40. How much?
  41. Will this work?
  42. Peltier and Aircooling
  43. Pelt chiller
  44. EXOS and pelt question
  45. Cleaning dielectric grease off a CPU?
  46. Silver Coldplates....
  47. Quiet TEC CPU cooling - for the masses
  48. TEC not cold anymore
  49. just wondering...
  50. Pelt problem
  51. TEC power supply woes
  52. How Many TECs do you own
  53. help with pelts for videocard memory
  54. info: my ambient water chiller
  55. 156 Pelt on a Swift GFX block?
  56. Pelt as a water-chiller?
  57. How cold??
  58. Peltier psu
  59. some tec cooling Q's
  60. Water question
  61. Help! MCW50-T SPRUNG A LEAK
  62. How safe to run pelts 24/7?
  63. Um... New to T.E.C. Cooling... Need some help/suggestions with the setup. Thx
  64. TEC cooling on GF3 TI500
  65. whoohoo got my tecs today
  66. I WANT 226w R9700 GPU Block!
  67. Liquid tape
  68. Meanwell and relay? Need some help.
  69. How does a TEC connect to the Power Supply?
  70. Is 172Ws enough for Tbred?
  71. Circut Question
  72. I need help w/purchase ASAP
  73. Where to buy the Swtfech MCW50-t ?
  74. TEC's and P4's
  75. how will this work to cool my videocard?
  76. 86 watt TEC
  77. high humidity = no tec?
  78. Koolance EXOS/Swifty MCW50-T
  79. Can someone give me some info on going to a pelt?
  80. Vaseline for condensation protection?
  81. 2 pelts and 1 psu?
  82. Thermochill prototype TEC Chiller
  83. Tec-Chiller thoughts, plz help...
  84. Where Does Xtreme Buy Their Peltiers
  85. How to get 15v?
  86. Cheap TEC PSU!
  87. Where to buy PSU for a TEC
  88. tec cooling... advantages and disadvantages?
  89. Help! My cooler doesnt cover the entire TEC
  90. horizontal drawup of tec setup
  91. I need some advice on peltier cooling with water.
  92. Can a 226w Peltier cause EMI on CPU?
  93. enough power?
  94. To find TECs value/wattage?...
  95. Direct hotside cooling MK I
  96. Will this work with 226w + 80w?
  97. Pelt Heat Scource
  98. mcw50-t gasket fit
  99. 80W pelt on NB
  100. Me Nu Rig!
  101. Figure I can use an enermax 430W power supply for a 226 w pelt?
  102. Thinking of adding a pelt
  103. Is my tec ON???
  104. How bad is 30C-35C water for my tec?
  105. Anyone try using a 226W Peltier to cool water?
  106. two 80w pelts with PC's PSU too much?
  107. Will an 80w pelt be better than an 169w pelt?
  108. 2x ATX Psu's in series for a 24v pelt... how?
  109. Can a 226W Peltier be powered by +3.3V or +5V?
  110. TEC n00b questions
  111. Cold plate for Maze3 - Help!
  112. Temperature regulator for 172W TEC
  113. Best place to get a peltier?
  114. What is the best Waterblock + TEC solution?
  115. Stacked Pelts? Any experiences?
  116. Thinking about TEC cooling
  117. Electric bills?
  118. Comments on this PSU for pelt?
  119. Rad/pump size for single WB/pelt cooling loop?
  120. How much insulation is necessary?
  121. Any news on Thermaltakes SubZero4G TEC?
  122. Possible Tec+hsf on a nf2 nb?
  123. Are GPU TECs worth the cash?
  124. Swiftech MCW50-T
  125. is this normal ?
  126. 226w TEC help!!!
  127. Building a water chiller
  128. 3x226W Peltiers in 1 system
  129. Silicone and Teflon spray?
  130. Building TEC Watercooling System
  131. Little Help Please!
  132. Why shouldn't you regulate a TEC with PWM?
  133. pelting the NB
  134. what wb/tec's do the AMD guys use???
  135. Mcw50-t Condensate Proofing
  136. Will this work?
  137. Stability Problems with MCW50-T Hooked up...
  138. Do you think this would be overkill?
  139. TEC Power Supply Question
  140. tec
  141. Zippyc's Water Chiller Project:
  142. cheap tec psu found!
  143. High load temps with Swiftech MCW5000-PT! :(
  144. some info about 120w tec
  145. Cheap tec powering, modified ATX
  146. Meanwell S-320-12 Power Supply
  147. Swiftech MCW50-T
  148. Little help setting up pelt :)
  149. Post Your T.E.C. Setups!!!
  150. Is this REALLY overwhelming my TEC?
  151. Anyone have a pelted NB?
  152. When would u know when your Peltier is fried?
  153. Activate TEC when needed....
  154. 13.8V / 30A x 226w is that enough?
  155. Interested in getting into peltiers, couple of questions
  156. Pelt newb
  157. pelt on back of mobo?
  158. electronics 101
  159. NB cooling with pelts?
  160. Powering mcw50-t?
  161. 25A for $12.00 for xtreme members...
  162. Little script to calculate Q...
  163. Thermaltake SubZero4G aka. Pile of :banana::banana::banana::banana::banana:e!
  164. More toys
  165. Just testing out my MCW462-UHT...
  166. Meanwell 240 question
  167. How will These Do for a TEC Power Supply?
  168. Meanwell voltage ne good?
  169. 2 Tec
  170. New peltiers for $10.00 for xtreme members
  171. your favorite TEC waterblocks
  172. Peltier question
  173. MCW-50T/Radeon Users?
  174. Adding a MCW50T to a DD power kit.
  175. Question for a tec head...
  176. What wattage TEC for Northbridge?
  177. R9700pro and 83W t.e.c
  178. 226w Peltier chilled with a Black ICE Extreme is possible???
  179. modding at/atx PSU for tec psu
  180. need help identifying tecs
  181. need tecs
  182. Swiftech MCW50-T on Hercules 9800?
  183. help with tecs on vid-card
  184. what termal grease for tecs?
  185. Peltier how good is it?
  186. Power supplies for 24v pelts?
  187. making heat with a peltier
  188. What single PSU can pull this?
  189. What PSU is appropriate for this setup?
  190. MCW5000-PT and Koolance EXOS
  191. One-Stop Shop (Dow Corning Conformal Coating and Dielectric Grease)
  192. 120watt pelt on cpu. Help on some stuff please
  193. How about a reccommendation or idea?
  194. 80w pelt with 5volts
  195. Danger Den +TEC SUX'S-226w TEC quit ?
  196. the truth about ZippyC's TEC cooling
  197. What Thermal Paste To Use Between The Tec???
  198. How many using Tec's with no sealing?
  199. AIRCOOLING 80W TEC on R9700
  200. 50W enough for GPU?
  201. 100A @3.5v with linked PSU?
  202. Dual booting with BIOS Savior
  203. psu
  204. 226W TEC on the GPU...condens:)??
  205. Di-electric Grease
  206. pelting memory
  207. MCW50-T on NF7-S NB
  208. need help with condensation!
  209. Radiator for dual 80w pelts
  210. Is the MCW50-T's pelt big enough?
  211. i also have condensation issues
  212. Gpu cooler with biggest pelt, or atleast a capacity for a large one.
  213. Water chilling: Does tubing need to be insulated?
  214. Chilled TEC feasibility
  215. MAZE4-1GPU v MCW50-T
  216. Get me started on tecs..
  217. powering TEC's
  218. gaskets
  219. 38W pelt ok for northbridge, aircoolable?
  220. what hoses for chilled water?
  221. Pelting NorhtBridge 8RDA+
  222. MCW50-t and FX5900ultra
  223. An Excellent Post Detailing how to Pelt a Videocard
  224. help with tec formula
  225. smallest radiator with best performance
  226. what would be the best way to jump into watercooled tecs?
  227. My new watercooling rig
  228. Air-cooled pelt?
  229. Watercooling Guru's please help
  230. 80w Pelt in same waterloop as cpu
  231. Pelting GPU ram?
  232. Condensation prevention
  233. how do you power a Meanwell S-320-12?
  234. An Alternative to the 172Watt Pelt
  235. Tec installation guide?
  236. How would this work?
  237. Swifty releases new pelted chiller module.
  238. swiftech mcw50 at 7V?possible?
  239. Any real benefit to adding a water chiller to a h20+TEC setup?
  240. got my 226watt peltier up
  241. Anyone got any suggestions on my 'air chiller'
  242. Ok, I'd like to dive into TEC, but I'm new to it...
  243. 80w pelt + Antec 550w
  244. beginer question
  245. Swiftech MCW50-T... owners take caution
  246. Will an 80w work on a cpu?
  247. dual psu 4 tec
  248. Guide to changing the MCW50-T pelt to a 172w
  249. Tec Psu
  250. The Point In T.E.C Cooling