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  1. multimeters.......
  2. 1st soldering iron
  3. Basic Electronics books?
  4. Soldering Guide
  5. Need Needle Thin Iron
  6. Need DMM training to check +12v
  7. Make your 200gb SATA drive 510GB!
  8. Just got a DMM and have few questions
  9. 325w soldering gun
  10. Hungarian required
  11. Have you seen this??!!
  12. Adding LEDs to LCD for backlighting?
  13. Cool down before startup 'reset button' mod?
  14. What to do first?!?!?!
  15. Help me a bit, port80error
  16. 12v + -12v ---> 2x172mm's @ 24v
  17. Want to learn about electrical circuits? well here's a place to start
  18. Help soldering to Mosfet
  19. Power consumption question
  20. Where can I get these?
  21. Capacitor sides
  22. vdimm = 3.95 anyone?
  23. Electronic circuit question
  24. Cheap solution for CPU Temp Monitor?
  25. One more US place to get caps, pots and the like
  26. best way to take off fins off of a heatsink?
  27. Voltmods as artwork
  28. Soldering Iron Recomendations
  29. The TT Hardcano 12 mod @ remember settings
  30. Master 2 Far
  31. Conductive Paint Question
  32. Make your own shim!
  33. Where do I buy conductive silver paint?
  34. Past 250mhz fsb?
  35. You gotta help me on this one!
  36. Where does everyone order their VR's and wire?
  37. soldering
  38. Very cheap Heatsinks
  39. multimeter help
  40. Reading the values on pots
  41. Someone good at electronics? Resistors getting less effective?
  42. extreme soldering!
  43. what to do with a broken vga card
  44. Hell-Fire. Who has had him do work to there boards?
  45. Malvescorner.com is coming back
  46. Whom gona trust more ? Multimeter @ 4pin-molex-connector or Voltage-readingprogram ?
  47. VR purchasing
  48. Jumpers. Where to buy...
  49. Capacitors 'n stuff
  50. i want maximum heatsinkage on my DFI lanparty UT
  51. Terms and Abbreviations
  52. which multimeter should I buy?
  53. laptop monitors...
  54. Searching for a transistor
  55. Looking for a Capacitors specs for a 5900
  56. Bad soldering...
  57. nexus nxp-301 help
  58. SOLDER 50/50 or 98/2?
  59. modded Laptop
  60. Taking modding to the next level!!!
  61. Modding the OCZ DDR booster
  62. wifi antenna mod
  63. Vmod Supplies
  64. Capacitor Mods 101
  65. New sensors on a motherboard
  66. 5 ?s about mosfet sinks/adhesive Help please
  67. Three important questions about vmods
  68. measuring voltages?
  69. What am I doing wrong? (soldering question)
  70. need a thermal pad replacement
  71. Memory capacitor polarity
  72. Xtreme terminology
  73. Anything useful in an old Espresso machine?
  74. Malves Corner back up, new address
  75. Can't find 200 ohm 25 turns trimmers locally...
  76. project: High voltage htpc
  77. cleaning up soldering resin
  78. Any news from Hipo
  79. Proper way to make a 120K VR??
  80. Proper Mod Solder?
  81. Looking for some of the highest output Infrared leds for my Eyetoy.
  82. Ticking/squeaking FETs?
  83. Can someone do the opamp mod to my DDR Booster?
  84. Monitor repair
  85. Need help checking the voltage on my VDimm with a Fluke 7-300 tester?
  86. good place to buy caps?
  87. where to buy variable resistors in canada
  88. How do i check the voltage?
  89. How do I find the PLL?
  90. need help vcore mod on k7n2 mobo
  91. Taking Voltage Readings
  92. VRM Temperature
  93. Replacing Caps
  94. Any euro Vmodder present to "teach me the ropes?"
  95. Maximizer any time soon
  96. 5900xt IHS removal borked?
  97. "Pencil" alternative
  98. Where to get Resistors, Pots and relays
  99. Call out to all master-repairers! :D
  100. Guys can u help me out? Blew something up
  101. Need some help with a floppy power conn.
  102. Fan Connectors
  103. Is there anything that one can do to memory?
  104. Vmods guru i need some help
  105. Newb question: WHY do vmods work?
  106. How dyou hook up 2 resistors?
  107. Overclocked Mac Mini...
  108. What happened?
  109. Insaine Temp modding/configuration on AMD64 3000+
  110. What watt?
  111. Ti4200/4600 heatsink holes...???
  112. ps2 modchip install help, alternet point needed.
  113. MOSFET help.
  114. Hi guys, does anyone have time to teach me how to vmodd? :)
  115. Bonding Plastics together...
  116. Best place to buy trimers
  117. Any hope for repair?
  118. Mobo trace repair
  119. [DDR] Caps missing while stripping the heatspreaders
  120. Is this ok to mod
  121. Dremeling a HSF
  122. How would I got about contructing something like this?
  123. Has my Laptop previously been Vmodded?
  124. A few questions
  125. What is this component? What does it do?
  126. looking for a 12v lcd readout
  127. Got a spare Arctic Freezer 4, any ideas for a mod I could do?
  128. Digital Multi meter probs Please help
  129. memory mod
  130. How to get this 6800Ultra to work?
  131. X850 XT PE serious problems.....brand new!
  132. Buying an O-Scope. Need help.
  133. Capacitor Size Matter?
  134. Best mod store?
  135. Does this do any thing
  136. V-Mod soldering question.
  137. busted x800 i think
  138. where to get some electronic "stuff"
  139. U-wire
  140. Drivers
  141. Soldering iron wattage-temperature
  142. just a soldering tip for you guys
  143. the nascar pc
  144. super glue as "solder"??
  145. best place to buy electronic stuff
  146. How you do the mods?
  147. cable management?
  148. Damaged capacitors on the nForce 4 SLI chipset
  149. Help finding Tforce6100 skimatics/blueprints/data sheet of mobo parts?
  150. Temjin T03 top portion
  151. THE baddest mod EVER IN HISTORY not 56k frenldy
  152. Project hard lined.
  153. PSU modding to make it 12 V only
  154. Looking for someone who does motherboard mods
  155. Cutting fan holes in Plexi
  156. Vanilla NF4 SB, (revA3)
  157. What is this?
  158. Doom 3 Case Mod
  159. All links to Vmod guides there.
  160. My last rig...........
  161. measuring volts on a psu??
  162. 1337 mod!
  163. new lcd for a Mach I
  164. Some people are looking to run their i915 lappys at 166fsb.
  165. low or super low ESR + impedance caps
  166. Xtreme Ghetto!
  167. Any molex removal tricks?
  168. Cutting Metal..which tools
  169. Stabilising the 12V rails
  170. Learning Dremel Case Surgery. Could use some advice on bits?
  171. Case Painting Question, just making sure my step are correct
  172. remove sata and replace with molex on PS?
  173. Cpu Die emulator, but with peltiers instead of a resistor
  174. Painting Motherboards.
  175. What runs off the 5v rail?
  176. simple in theory
  177. Just finished painting my Logitech Mouse/Keyboard Glossy Black!!!!!!!!!
  178. please help me with this stupid celeron!!!(solder mod)
  179. What tool/method do you use to prevent Fraying when cutting cable sleeving?
  180. fixing smd's?
  181. Quadro 3400 under dell 6800gto
  182. use meanwell attached to a reostat
  183. Ceramic SMD caps for filtering
  184. best way to hold vmods in place?
  185. Max safe all day use Vdimm for Kingmax DDR500 sticks ?
  186. chokes in parrallel?
  187. How to solder on a mosfet?
  188. Which Soldering iron
  189. How to build a voltage controlled resistor?
  190. supplies in canada.
  191. What to get to make a power supply min. load resistor?
  192. Naked opty with clip on HSF
  193. x800 pro memory timings
  194. setting nvidia mem clock max...
  195. Asus A8N32-SLI CMOS Jumper switch Mod.
  196. EPS pin removal
  197. 1337 Mod Part II
  198. Peltier cooling for Cases.
  199. WOL from Standby (S3)
  200. n00b Resistor Question
  201. DIY Fan Controllers
  202. MSI Diamond Plus Chipset cooler replacement?
  203. Got remote switch panel, momentary to non-momentary
  204. Unit to stress test PSU's?
  205. Good Capacitors Promotions Plan
  206. Scientific Atlanta MAC + S/M
  207. 30A Pulse discharger
  208. Dead DFI lanp. NF4 sli-D
  209. tips for building a custom case
  210. Seagate 200G drive ugly clicking when idle!
  211. Cronic's custom painted MX518
  212. Need mounting hole measurements for 775.
  213. evga rma or repair, no video output
  214. blew a psu. a little help repairing it please :)
  215. Hooking a car battery up as a UPS
  216. PSU located at the bottom of case
  217. SMD/Mosfet grabbers
  218. teach me!!
  219. DIY Battery Back-UPS using marine battery
  220. what wattage of resistor to use
  221. Component values needed. PSU Help.
  222. Peltier on 6800GT
  223. The Tools of the Trade
  224. The Extreme Lian Li by Ediejo
  225. simple fan power help
  226. 1337 mod 3, heh
  227. Xtreme Camouflage Case Mod
  228. Ti 83/84 data cable hard mod
  229. Silver conductive pain shelf life
  230. What kinda tool for this connector?
  231. Combining Resistors
  232. Modding some speakers
  233. Vreg Low ESR filter cap replacements
  234. X-Fi Case Front panel Audio Adapter Mod.
  235. Bathe the motherboard in inert fluid?
  236. Case scratches from modding... How do you repair them?
  237. Need help on soldering small resistors on a 7800GT...
  238. WikiHardware needs YOUR help!
  239. Full cap swap mod
  240. Fan mod problem
  241. People with White or Red cathodes ?
  242. Small X1900XT Mod... Should I?
  243. Will this work?
  244. Who can print a fine PCB for a extended 7950gx2 bridge?
  245. LGA Processor Heat Spreader Removal
  246. Idea for psu mod
  247. Using ATI tool to test 7900GT vmod stability?
  248. blend 12v lines
  249. some cap advice please....
  250. What do you use to get a glass smooth lapping result?