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  1. How to make a washing machine self destruct
  2. Do you enjoy reading books even with "tragic" endings?
  3. So I RMA'd my videocard and they sent it back to the original owner.
  4. please tell me im a moron
  5. Drift racing
  6. Does this gun look familiar to anyone?
  7. (No longer) Need a new video host
  8. Facebook Parenting: For the troubled teen.
  9. HD Movies....
  10. What is y? (A math question)
  11. ? about Opera Mini for the iPhone
  12. I <3 my fiance so much...
  13. 1985
  14. Friday.. Waiting for 5pm..
  15. Criminal Masterminds!
  16. Google's "anti" privacy policy...am I going too far?
  17. Levitation using plastic wrap (but not actually touching it)
  18. Life changing experiences?
  19. Silence! Japanese researchers build speech-jamming gun
  20. Govt. agencies, colleges demand applicants' Facebook passwords
  21. Kony 2012!
  22. View monitor through LCD glasses
  23. iPod Touch IOS question/problem
  24. Console Games are going bye bye .... ROTF
  25. I'd love it if you guys checked my music out:
  26. Neil deGrasse Tyson For President
  27. Dumpster dive
  28. have you guys seen this? :D
  29. 1 million fps Slow Motion
  30. Please vote for my band :D
  31. Need help because this function is pissing me off
  32. Im bored.. Come sing with me :D
  33. Blood & Chrome
  34. Gangster stereotyoe where ending a sentence with see what movie?
  35. Big Brother just got scarier: Japanese CCTV camera can scan 36 million faces per seco
  36. Newegg on Ebay
  37. Anyone here do Social Media/Online marketing for a living?
  38. Help looking for a word
  39. It's BOHICA time again!
  40. Walking 2650 miles to help feed the homeless - Please sponsor us :)
  41. Happy Birthday TheDude
  42. cant update iTunes, can i install over it
  43. Robot talking to robot!
  44. Very cool time lapse earth video
  45. How can I download this video?
  46. Paypal gone to complete shiz???
  47. Joke I Found
  48. childrens toys.. (kinda nsfw pic)
  49. Battleship the movie
  50. "Females Fabricating Drama..
  51. "Are you hungry sir?"
  52. Zombies in Florida...
  53. what happened to saaya?
  54. XFX loses lawsuit for their bait n switch operation
  55. Creative Video up for Votes
  56. Copyright Trolls
  57. How can I download this video to my computer?
  58. Happy Birthday Pedro Rocha!
  59. Making the Bus Driver Cry
  60. Sandusky
  61. General rant
  62. No Zero Policies
  63. Deer
  64. Petition: Google Vs Youtube
  65. Been Modding Myself and leaving the computer alone
  66. Having fun at RFLAN, Western Australia :-)
  67. This is what happens if Michael Bay gets the rights to Dora the Explorer
  68. London 2012 Olympic Games
  69. The SAY THANKS thread to all the ppl who helped you on the forum in any way
  70. What the hell happened? halp...halp
  71. home secerity camera input needed
  72. Happy Birthday Gautam!
  73. My Sweet Tea recipe...
  74. does iTunes only sell 256 kbps AAC files
  75. Happy Birthday pythagoras!
  76. Battlefield 3: Buy it or don't?
  77. RIP Tony Scott
  78. Is my Dr. wack?
  79. Trying to find some wind ambience...
  80. Goodbye Miss Graham...
  81. Utoya Island movie
  82. Cool Picture
  83. Happy Birthday Planet..Jake
  84. Links to copyright infringement by people/groups who tell us what it is
  85. To all my friends in the US this 11 of September
  86. Need some help with oil paint
  87. Want to do a good deed today?
  88. Metallica Salute Bassist Cliff Burton with Free Concert Download
  89. Perhaps a medical student or doctor here can explain what I'm experiencing
  90. Use fake details on Social Media.
  91. Avexir Gangnam Overclocking Style
  92. To everyone on the U.S. Eastern Seabord, families & friends
  93. Happy Birthday Oppainter!
  94. Witch - My Graudate short film (3D Animation)
  95. Whos ever been "banned" from something without doing anything wrong?
  96. Worst sport ever, football (soccer), drop-ball
  97. Has a review ever done this before?
  98. Hotline Miami Soundtrack one of the best ive heard
  99. Employers/recruiters of XS, can I have 5 minutes of your time for a questionnaire?
  100. Kanal korisnika
  101. I'd like to share some thoughts on what happenned Friday in Newtown,Conneticut
  102. Watch Soyuz TMA-07M launch live
  103. Happy Christmas time and the best in New Year 2013 from FlanK3r:)
  104. XS member of the year - 2012
  105. windows messenger after 'merging'
  106. #slapyourself
  107. Guys, I need some help..
  108. Animal Activists...
  109. Happy Birthday MrIcee
  110. Has someone ever tasted "mate"?
  111. I need help!
  112. We Need To Save Angel The Cat, She Needs OUR HELP :'(
  113. Need opinions
  114. It's time to celebrate one of humanitys un-sung heros
  115. STOP CUFFIN'!!!i!
  116. How to Cure Cancer - Million Dollar Information Inside
  117. 911 Cheeseburger Call
  118. Not computer news but.....
  119. EA can officially go to hell
  120. XD Hahaha NSFW
  121. You know that all is as it should be in the world when you wake up and find out that.
  122. Tech news site can't remember the name
  123. 10+ years of XS Membership
  124. My 10th Year Too
  125. Send all of your money here
  126. Sig size.... really?
  127. Is it just me, or is this chick REALLY hot?
  128. North Korea jokes
  129. Rat Pack
  130. Songs of my people
  131. #1 Beer in the world? Check
  132. Spartacus Speech
  133. Need help with BB Code
  134. The Star Spangled Banner - weird dream
  135. So i go to surgery today...
  136. Additional Post on FRAUD/SCAM ALERT ED TRICE, Liquid Nitrogen Overclocking Inc
  137. Trying to find an aluminum rectangular tube of an odd size
  138. A boy and his atom. A movie by IBM
  139. Missing Cancer Thread
  140. XS Hardware Wallpaper Contest: Fun Prize
  141. Champions League Final 2013
  142. Alaskan Cruise: Suggestions/ Recommendations
  143. What's the oldest system you still have running?
  144. Today is the 69th anniversary of D-Day...
  145. Just wanna say THANKS to James C from Lamptron Support...
  146. Songs of my people
  147. Political: USA & European trade agreement discussion
  148. Good Netflix movies?
  149. Happy Birthday FUGGER !!!
  150. BE READY US friends DIEGO FORLAN one of our BEST soccer players has an offer from US
  151. Happy 4th of July everybody.
  152. MGM Lion casting :P
  153. Inside Combat Rescue
  154. The Food Thread - HUNGRY!? Start here!
  155. Foc.us Headset will Let You Safely Overclock Your Brain for $249
  156. Happy Birthday MrBean
  157. Great Sci-fi Movies
  158. Callbots/ Telemarketers: How do you stop them?
  159. Cincinnati's last BLAST of the Summer!
  160. How do you call those retail stores that...
  161. Olympics
  162. going to Vancouver/Victoria/Whistler for 5 days : help organize us please
  163. SD/USB stick capacity
  164. Sci-Fi shorts
  165. Metallicas about to go live on YouTube
  166. eBook: Secrets for the Single Guys (Free & no affiliate links!)
  167. Anyone having invalid zipcode errors with paypal?
  168. Lets stuff a ballot box!
  169. no more thank you button?
  170. Longtime member stopping by/Current state of XS/Hello!
  171. Merry Christmas from The Surround Gamer!
  172. Facebook Video Play Icon Transparent
  173. What is up with GFx Card prices?
  174. Sorry the late posting but i wish you...
  175. Happy Birthday TheDude
  176. Macho Doll - LOL!
  177. Do you guys think this could actually work?
  178. Please help Serbia!
  179. Hi all... been a LONG time!!!
  180. Cooling 1m3 of air=> underground
  181. Soccer's comming home............
  182. > Ban the post that precedes you < A fun game to play.
  183. RIP: Robin Williams...
  184. What's This Music?
  185. How Can I download this video to my computer?
  186. Congratulations Fugger on the birth of your son and daughter
  187. Foooooooooooooooooooooooood #YOLO
  188. TV/Movie Trailers
  189. Top 10
  190. Amazon loses a big customer over counterfeiting
  191. How To Unlock LG K10 (Any Carrier or Country)
  192. US government can nick your phone if you enter the country
  193. Photographer hits Getty with $1 billion lawsuit for false copyright claim
  194. 30+ Hard-Boiled Eggs Eaten in 1 Minute!
  195. US counter-attacks Russian cyber efforts
  196. US Companies Can Now Sign Up For 'Privacy Shield' Data Transferring Framework
  197. BBC will be broadcasting the Olympics in 360-degree video
  198. Amazon facing anti-trust investigation in Japan
  199. KickAssTorrents alleged founder ?not responsible? claims lawyer
  200. PC Perspective Hardware Workshop 2016 @ Quakecon 2016
  201. How Sony, Microsoft, and Other Gadget Makers Violate Federal Warranty Law
  202. RIP R2-D2 actor Kenny Baker
  203. Space X does it again, nails fifth booster landing
  204. Hackers claim to have cracked NSA-tied white hat team
  205. India threatens heavy fines and prison sentences for pirates
  206. Airlander 10 airship?s second test flight ends in crash landing
  207. NASA year long Mars habitation study concluded
  208. 113 Pancakes Eaten in 8 Minutes (NEW World Record)
  209. Hanjin bankruptcy could mean price spikes for TVs, cars, other large products
  210. Warner Bros flags its own site for piracy in new takedown requests
  211. 200+ sentenced since new revenge :banana::banana::banana::banana: laws introduced
  212. ISP takes on Swedish copyright trolls
  213. 5,300 Wells Fargo employees fired after 2 million fake accounts discovered
  214. It?s official: The five-second rule is down for the count
  215. Sky to broadcast Drone Racing League events from October
  216. Russian hackers leak U.S. athlete doping test data
  217. ?Lewd acts? force LinkNYC kiosks to end web browsing
  218. TorrentHound becomes third big site to shutdown in 2016
  219. Iphone 7 is harder to bend
  220. Swedish courts back Assange arrest warrant again
  221. How to Unlock Samsung Galaxy Note 7 (Any Carrier or Country)
  222. NBC Universal and others caught faking takedown links
  223. Elon Musk has plans to send people way beyond Mars
  224. Is the Note 7 overheating a conspiracy?
  225. Netflix plans to make half of its content original programming
  226. Fitness trackers may actually make you gain weight
  227. Pokemon GO player mugged during livestream in NYC
  228. ?Corporate troll? wins $3M verdict against Apple for ring-silencing patent
  229. UCI Collegiate eSports Arena Grand Opening
  230. ISIS hacker gets 20 years for giving terrorists US military kill list
  231. Apple fanboys drill into their iPhone 7s
  232. Pirating without :banana::banana::banana::banana:, TPBClean offers XXX free torrents
  233. Journalists must fork over $200 for Wi-Fi at presidential debate
  234. Amazon looking to abandon UPS, FedEx in favor of its own delivery service
  235. Rogue fanboy crushes Apple store with his giant balls
  236. Leaker of ?The Revenant? hit with $1.1 million fine
  237. Amazon changes policy to eliminate incentivised reviews
  238. Boeing challenges Space X in a race to Mars
  239. 4chan is going broke, may need drastic changes
  240. 10,000cal Hot Pocket Challenge
  241. Blue Origin booster lands successfully after in-flight escape test
  242. Snowden 2.0? Another NSA contractor arrested for classified theft
  243. Dropping the iPhone 7 Plus From The World's Tallest Building (829 meters)
  244. For ripping off Medicaid, EpiPen maker Mylan pays Feds $465 million
  245. Top chicken producer pours money into plant-based meat
  246. Emboldened by $1B Bangladesh hackers, new group targets SWIFT users
  247. Wells Fargo employees may have been creating fake accounts since 2005
  248. Fujutsu does Ninjutsu on British jobs
  249. Amazon to challenge Walmart with new brick-and-mortar grocery stores
  250. Star Wars Rogue 1