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  2. The Virtual Reality Scoreboard
  3. Win an Omni Directional Virtual Reality Treadmill
  4. Virtuix Omni Launches on Kickstarter
  5. Holodeck Parts List
  6. 64NOMIS LIVE - Tonight's Guests - Omni, Rift, Hydra - Live Studio Audience
  7. You Were Warned - Sixense Announces Wireless VR Controller
  8. Virtuix Announces TRAVR Stretch Goal For the Omni Kickstarter, Open-Source Mini-Game
  9. Sixense STEM System on Kickstarter Now: The Best Way to Interact with Virtual Worlds
  10. The Real Story - What Simon Really Does
  11. Virtual Camera With 6DOF - eSports, pre-visualization, VR
  12. MakeVR & The STEM - The future of CAD in VR
  13. Simon's First App is Live - Tagaboom - Annotated Reality Begets Augmented Reality?
  14. Ultimate Steam Box Thread
  15. Road to VR & CNET on the Unveiling of the Avegant Head Mounted Retinal Display
  16. My Ohio Keynote Nov 1 @Shawnee 11.0 The Intersection of Virtual & Augmented Reality
  17. Notch - Unbelievably mobile affordable motion tracking hits Kickstarter
  18. Wearable Computing - Sensors/Computers/Input Devices Update
  19. Shooting Multi-Angle OC Videos Just Got a Lot Easier
  20. Wearable Computing & Multi-Sensor 2014
  21. CES2014 - Launching Four Wearable Computing Kickstarters on January 28th
  22. Official Spectre VR Thread - Multiplayer Horror Now Official, Coming to Kickstarter
  23. SPECTRE on Kickstarter & Greenlight | VR Multiplayer Horror | Show Your Support
  24. OSVR Working On Windows Installer For Easier HDK Configuration
  25. Nvidia harnesses eye-tracking to improve VR rendering efficiency
  26. Samsung reportedly working on higher-end 'Odyssey' VR headset
  27. Razer opens up the pre-order floodgates for its OSVR headset
  28. Live Planet VR Camera Has 16 Lenses; Preorder For $4,995
  29. Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and GearVR images leak
  30. 'Driveclub VR' Reportedly A PlayStation VR Launch Title
  31. Microsoft releases Hololens development kit
  32. Intel teases depth sensing HTC Vive add-on
  33. Pre-orders now open for new Samsung Gear VR
  34. Xiaomi VR Play is out
  35. HTC's Viveport front-end will offer VR content beyond games
  36. Microsoft Hololens now available in ?Commercial Suite?
  37. HTC refreshes Vive software bundle with two new titles
  38. Nokia cuts price of OZO VR camera
  39. Project Scorpio will run everything and VR
  40. Hands On With Colorful?s VR Backpack
  41. Intel Hates Cables, VR Edition: A Wireless VR Demo
  42. John Carmack accused of stealing VR tech from ZeniMax
  43. Xiaomi VR Play preorders for $28.99
  44. Facebook/Oculus deny Zenimax copyright claims
  45. Microsoft reveals HoloLens Holographic Processor specs
  46. Introducing Squanchtendo, A VR Game Studio From The Creator Of 'Rick And Morty'
  47. Oculus VR on why it delayed the launch of Touch controllers
  48. 'Damaged Core' To Hit Oculus Store August 30
  49. After Hundreds Of Submissions, First 15 OSVR Developer Fund Games Announced
  50. Intugame teases HTC Vive wireless adaptor
  51. European tech retailer lets slip Oculus Touch controllers price
  52. VR movie wins an Emmy
  53. HTC Now Selling Vive VR System On Amazon
  54. 'FOVE 0' VR HMD Hardware, Minimum System Specs Finalized
  55. Google releases Daydream Virtual Reality SDK
  56. Owlchemy Labs Innovates New Mixed Reality VR Techniques: Depth Sensing Camera, In-Gam
  57. Nvidia shows Nissan in VR
  58. Google unveils its Daydream View VR headset, Chromecast Ultra
  59. [Various] Playstation VR Reviews
  60. Oculus lowers Rift system requirements
  61. Wireless Oculus Rift prototype shown at Connect 3
  62. Imax to open its first European VR centre in Manchester
  63. Carmack wants VR to stop ?coasting on novelty?
  64. HoloLens developer kit goes on sale in parts of Europe
  65. VR Gameplay Mechanics In 'Killing Floor: Incursion'
  66. Valve touts VR Steam Controller and native PS4 controller support
  67. HTC Is Looking For More VR Companies To Take Its Money
  68. VR chair is ready to spin
  69. AMD Pushes for VR iCafes in China
  70. Vrvana Totem Mixed Reality HMD Prototype: Beyond Expectations
  71. Choose Your Own VR: Onix VR Is Building A Modular HMD With A Curved 120Hz 4K Display
  72. AMD Builds the BB360 VR Camera for Arka Mediaworks
  73. Samsung Display bets on VR and AR
  74. 'Obduction' Gets Oculus Rift Support On Halloween
  75. Microsoft teases $299 virtual reality headsets
  76. Valve SteamVR Beta update offers asynchronous reprojection
  77. Virtual reality sexual assault is with us
  78. HTC to start introducing pay-per-use VR headsets in hotels
  79. HTC sold just 140,000 Vive VRs
  80. 'Arizona Sunshine' Game Trailer Available In VR
  81. 'EVE: Valkyrie' blasts onto HTC Vive this month
  82. Get Your Room-Scale VR On, Pre-orders For Third Oculus Sensor Available Now
  83. HTC and HP team up for ?budget? Vive VR system bundle
  84. Futuremark Announces VRMark, the Virtual Reality Benchmark
  85. Zotac VR GO backpack PC lets you cut loose
  86. Ukraine's military wants HoloLens helmets for its tank commanders
  87. Steam VR public licenses now include more commercial options
  88. The 'Call of Duty' VR mission is free for PSVR owners
  89. Intel is getting into VR sports and live events
  90. HTC Vive and accessories now have free shipping
  91. MSI VR One Backpack PC is now on the Market
  92. HTC unveils TPCast Vive wireless upgrade kit
  93. Oculus Launches Asynchronous Spacewarp, 45 FPS VR
  94. IMAX Completes First Phase Of $50 Million Fund For Premium VR Content
  95. Making a VR motion controlled game? Oculus is giving out Touch
  96. Valve adds asynchronous reprojection to SteamVR
  97. Augmented reality shopping will be common with Augment SDK
  98. Google Earth VR is one of the first must-play VR experiences
  99. Oculus Quill VR painting app will be free to users next month
  100. Owlchemy Labs Continues To Push The Limits Of Mixed Reality
  101. Microsoft's Windows 10 VR headsets won't require a high-end rig
  102. Valve Embraces OSVR, Adds OSVR Content Category And Identifying Icon To Steam
  103. Announces its the VR GO Backpack PC
  104. ZOTAC VR Go Backpack With Core i7 6700T and GTX 1070 Priced: $1999
  105. VR Locomotion Is A Problem That Has Many Half-Solutions
  106. Razer pushes on with open-source by joining Khronos Group
  107. Leap Motion brings hand tracking to mobile VR
  108. Virtuix Cancels Omni Pre-Orders Outside US, Says International Shipments 'Unfeasible'
  109. Visbit Promises Near Zero-Latency 360-Degree Video With View-Optimized Streaming Tech
  110. Khronos Group Announces Open VR Standards Initiative
  111. NVIDIA Announces the "Choose your Adventure" VR Game Bundle
  112. Wintel VR Unfolds
  113. Red and 'Snow' Daydream View VR headsets ship today
  114. Intel to broadcast Critics' Choice Awards in VR
  115. Sixa?s Rivvr Wireless VR Upgrade Kit More Versatile, Cheaper Than Competition
  116. Ark Park tech demo shows off VR interaction, motion capture
  117. Google's Tilt Brush Toolkit Expands VR Sketches To Other Experiences
  118. VR :banana::banana::banana::banana: Embraces Smell-O-Vision So You Can Smell The Debauchery Too
  119. Microsoft to have holographic developer kits for cheap VR headsets at GDC
  120. PlayStation VR now supports 360-degree YouTube videos
  121. TPCast partners with Lattice for wireless VR roll out
  122. Virtual reality can reduce injection pain, claims new study
  123. 'Superhot VR' is about to get much more challenging
  124. Facebook hires Hugo Barra to lead virtual reality efforts
  125. Oculus Releases New Room-Scale Setup Tips, Clarifies Sensor Ranges
  126. HTC Seeding 1,000 Vive Trackers To Developers, Application Now Live
  127. Microsoft Trials New HoloLens Technologies For Construction Work
  128. Numskull Releases Official PSVR Stand
  129. Oculus Rift price drops below ?500 once more
  130. Basemark launches VRScore PC VR benchmark with DX12 support
  131. ZeniMax Awarded $500 Million in VR Patent Lawsuit Against Oculus
  132. Developers Are Experimenting With HoloLens Game Concepts
  133. Starship Commander VR game is purely voice controlled
  134. Google Chrome Gets Virtual Reality Support
  135. Valve working on three VR titles, says Newell
  136. Microsoft's HoloLens Gets Jerry-Rigged 'Spectator View'
  137. VR Desktop Brings MacOS To Oculus Rift (Kind Of)
  138. IMAX opens first VR theater in Los Angeles
  139. Introversion launches Defcon VR prototype
  140. HTC teases mobile virtual reality plans
  141. Valve will not lose sleep if VR fails
  142. Tackling The High-Res Display Needs Of VR: Kopin's Lightning OLED Microdisplay
  143. Russian WWII Flight Simulator 'IL-2 Sturmovik' Getting VR Support In March
  144. Master of Shapes brings Vive tracking to Daydream VR
  145. Microsoft reportedly scraps Hololens 2 in favour of skipping to Gen 3
  146. 'Bandit Six': Better On Google's Daydream Than On Gear VR
  147. Samsung will showcase C-Lab's AR and VR projects at MWC
  148. Immersion Brings Haptics To Console, VR Markets With TouchSense
  149. Valve's room-scale VR trackers will soon be sold separately
  150. Valve launches SteamVR support for Linux
  151. ZeniMax files injunction against Oculus, could heavily impact Rift and GearVR
  152. Google's Immerse VR series debuts with exploration of racial identity
  153. The NBA hopes VR will expand its audience
  154. Huawei announces a 360-degree VR camera for smartphones
  155. PlayStation VR sales pass 915,000 units amid stock shortages
  156. HTC's Vive Tracker and Deluxe Audio Strap cost $100 each
  157. Manus VR Development Kit Will Go On Sale In March
  158. Samsung's Next Gear VR HMD Includes A Tracked Controller
  159. Exclusive: Valve, SMI Bring Eye Tracking To OpenVR
  160. LG to demo 'next-gen' VR headset at GDC
  161. Khronos Bolsters VR, AR, MR Markets With OpenXR Working Group, API Updates, More
  162. ?Raw Data? Heads To Oculus With New Content, Cross-Platform Multiplayer
  163. Survios Announces ?Sprint Vector,? Introduces New VR Locomotion Technique
  164. Nvidia FCAT VR: Benchmarking Performance In Real-World Games
  165. Oxide Games Reveals VR-Only Nitrous 2 Engine, 'Not Enough Bullets' Game
  166. $200 Off Oculus Rift and Touch
  167. LG's VR HMD Shows High-End Promise, May Offer Mixed Reality
  168. 'GORN' For HTC Vive: Stupid, Silly, Gross, Violent, Fun
  169. Microsoft Debuts Acer-Made Mixed Reality HMD Dev Kit
  170. 'Vindicta' Takes Different Approach To VR First-Person Shooter Locomotion
  171. Mechs In VR: A Stroke Of Locomotion Genius In 'Archangel'
  172. Impulse Gear Confirms 'Farpoint' Features Co-Op, Launches Mid-May With PSVR Aim Contr
  173. 'Ark Park' Features Steep Minimum Hardware Requirements, Pushes Visual Fidelity In VR
  174. Asustek VR ready for third quarter
  175. 'Unearthing Mars' Now Available On PSVR
  176. Why It Matters That Microsoft Rebranded 'Windows Holographic' To 'Windows Mixed Reali
  177. PowerVR Furian GPU crams more performance into less area
  178. OSVR Gets Sensics Home Suite - Proximity Alert System, Dedicated Home Screen
  179. John Carmack is firing back at Zenimax with a lawsuit of his own
  180. Total Recall's suit against Oculus VR, Luckey dismissed
  181. PlayStation VR horror title lets friends mess with your game
  182. Nvidia launches free FCAT VR Performance Analysis Tool
  183. Getting Schwifty In VR With 'Rick And Morty'
  184. Finch VR Takes Different Approach To Hand Tracking In VR
  185. AR and VR headset shipments to approach 100 million by 2021
  186. Kingston University opens Centre for Augmented and Virtual Reality
  187. Cyan Adds Oculus Touch Support To 'Obduction,' Now Available For HTC Vive
  188. Fallout 4 VR will draw in wastelanders at E3 2017
  189. MSI Introduces Trio Of VR-Related Utilities, Software Available If You Own MSI Hardwa
  190. NASA trains astronauts with zero-G virtual reality
  191. Oculus picks up former Apple design chief to lead hardware division
  192. ASUS spins off its AR development team
  193. Warner Bros. Pictures Aligns With HTC For 'Ready Player One' VR Content
  194. Vive X Accelerator Program Announces Second Batch Of Companies
  195. MakeVR and Vive Tracker get HTC Vive ready for work and play
  196. HTC targets the classroom with 10-headset Vive bundle
  197. 'The Invisible Hours': A VR Murder Mystery
  198. Palmer Luckey Will Leave Oculus On March 31
  199. 'Batman Arkham VR' finally comes to Oculus Rift and Vive
  200. HTC to launch Viveport VR subscription service tomorrow
  201. Google hires Vive and Oculus developer to bolster its VR team
  202. Oculus seeks new trial for Zenimax case, says the jury got it wrong
  203. Facebook Is Using Computer Vision To Bring AR To The Masses, Dev Platform Available N
  204. 'Arden's Wake' paves the way for never-ending VR stories
  205. 'Infinite Minigolf' Heads To PSVR, HTC Vive This Spring
  206. NVIDIA to Give Away Three VR Games with GeForce GTX + Oculus Bundle
  207. Latest Unity Engine's Beta Supports NVIDIA VR Works
  208. Acer Mixed Reality HMD Doesn?t Do Mixed Reality
  209. Intel True VR Offers 360-Degree Peek At Players Championship PGA Tour
  210. Chet Faliszek, Valve?s Leading VR Evangelist, Leaves Company After 12 Years
  211. Oculus Shuts Down Its VR-driven Story Studio - The Empire Falters
  212. Microsoft HoloLens becomes an AR assistant for spinal surgery
  213. NVIDIA Showcases Multi-User VR Concept at GTC
  214. VESA Forms Working Group Towards XR Standards
  215. NVIDIA Releases VRWorks Audio and 360 Video SDKs at GTC
  216. Valve and Pixvana bring Quality VR Video Content to Steam
  217. Scope AR?s Worklink Goes Handsfree With Hololens Support
  218. Acer HMD: $400, Bundled With Motion Controllers
  219. 'Arizona Sunshine' To Go Beyond Rift, Vive; Will Reach PSVR In June
  220. PlayStation VR Aim Controller Out Next Week, Supports More Than Just ?Farpoint'
  221. Microsoft to Launch First-Party Titles for Its Mixed Reality HMDs?
  222. Zenimax turns on Samsung after victory in Oculus VR suit
  223. VR is Dead? UK Firm "Improbable" Raises $500m
  224. Google is building AR and VR that knows where you are
  225. YouTube VR adds shared rooms and live voice chat
  226. Google announces standalone Daydream VR headset
  227. VR and AR headset sales to top 100 million a year by 2021: IDC
  228. Valve to Launch "Knuckles" VR Controllers; Include Individual Finger Tracking
  229. YouTube and Google Daydream create VR180 video format
  230. 'Darts VR' Is What You Think It Is; Available Now For Vive, Rift
  231. AI Meets VR When Nvidia Trains Isaac On Holodeck
  232. HTC Vive gets substantial price cut from $799 to $599 (?599)
  233. Oculus Rift gains ground in the wake of its Summer Sale
  234. Royal Academy of Arts will showcase VR's influence on artists
  235. Next-Gen SteamVR Hardware Will Process Tracking Data On Board
  236. HoloLens is helping Ford designers prototype cars quicker
  237. Opera adds a shortcut to push videos straight to VR headsets
  238. Samsung leak reveals a Windows Mixed Reality headset
  239. 343 Industries Announces "Halo Recruit" Experience for Windows Mixed Reality
  240. Nokia halts development of its $45,000 VR camera
  241. HP ships VR backpack
  242. Pressure Mounts For Oculus Ahead Of OC4
  243. Oculus VR Announces the $199 Oculus Go VR HMD
  244. Sparc Coming Later This Month to Oculus Rift and HTC Vive
  245. HTC Bundle: Vive VR, GeForce GTX 1070, Fallout 4 VR for $799
  246. TPCAST Wireless VR Adapter Up for Preorder at $299
  247. Windows Mixed Reality SteamVR support to launch next week
  248. Latest LG Patent Reveals UltraGear VR Headset Splitting in Two
  249. HTC Vive Focus premium standalone VR headset launched
  250. Apple has bought AR headset startup Vrvana for $30 million