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  1. BIOS Flash Guide
  2. Blackops: OCZ SPD update...look inside
  3. System Debugging Guide 101
  4. MICRON DDR3 Reference SPDs for memory problems
  5. BlackOps: BIOS Setting Speadsheets
  6. BlackOps FAQ Thread
  7. BlackOps: CPU Multiplier Issues / CPU not running at full Speed
  8. BlackOps: Fav Non-Foxconn OC Utilities
  9. BlackOps/Avenger: GTL Ref Table
  10. BlackOps: 4870 and 4870x2 POST problems
  11. Foxconn Support and RMA Infos
  12. Memory overclocking and stability testing 101
  13. Memory 101 - SDR vs DDR1 vs DDR2 vs DDR3
  14. BlackOps: AWARD & Intel X38/X48 POST Code/Debug LED Guide
  15. BloodRage: Where is the FrontPanel Audio Header?
  16. BloodRage: What PCB revision is my board?
  17. BloodRage: How to disable cpu fanspeed warnings when Water/Xtreme cooling
  18. Award Beep Codes
  19. BloodRage: CPU Fan always running at 100%
  20. BloodRage: Vcore fluctuating between load and idle
  21. BloodRage: AWARD & Intel X58 POST Code/Debug LED Guide
  22. For what are those heatsinks on BloodRage?
  23. Foxconn BloodRage BIOS Archive
  24. Power / reset switch.
  25. Are the Blood Rage and Flaming Blade BIOS the same?
  26. Blackops and TW3x4G1333C9 issue
  27. BloodRage: Installing Windows with PATA (IDE HDD and CD/DVD/optical drive)
  28. A1 error after BIOS flash (X58 mobos)