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  1. High Definition Movie Reviews, HD-DVD and Blue Ray Disc Movie.
  2. Can Anyone Name This Horror Movie from The 70's??
  3. Problems with my camera
  4. Looking for new speakers
  5. Audio Setup Help
  6. HDTV should be called Pirate TV.
  7. My new stereo
  8. what to do with an old ocz 450w psu? :D
  9. assembling speakon cable
  10. Ohms and speakers Questions
  11. Swat come into my house, disrespect my whole family
  12. Headphones
  13. Compeition with the t-amp?
  14. Pioneer SX1250
  15. MA Audio Kore 18" subwoofer
  16. Funky Problem with HDTV
  17. Audio input to a cd player that does not support audio input
  18. Panamax M8-HT line conditioner - problem
  19. Replacement 3.5" bookshelf Mids?
  20. Coming to an Auto near you!
  21. Home Amplifier, Recommendations
  22. Receiver and speakers
  23. Small Stereo for office: looking for recommendations
  24. Need gopod speakers for Auzen Forte Sound card!
  25. My new receiver
  26. Can you get a Ticket because of Loud Subwoofers?
  27. Should I go with 4 10's or 1 18" sub?
  28. Easyriders Cinema room
  29. Media players, what do you use?
  30. Reducing bass using Audacity
  31. My New Speakers! (56k? RUN AWAY!)
  32. Could really use some help understanding Sony Sound Forge and Vista 64
  33. Too much sub!
  34. Steelseries gaming headphones
  35. sound card
  36. Home Theater Help
  37. Review: Sennheiser HD800 Headphones with Woo Audio WA6 Headphone Amplifier
  38. Went out to browse, came home with a new toy...
  39. Braid soundtrack
  40. Pioneer VSX-10xx series (1018 vs. 1019)
  41. Need Comfortable headphones
  42. looking for receiver advice...
  43. z-5500 subwoofer - what's it safe to put next to?
  44. MOMOMO67890's HeadPhone Shootout Low-end - Highend
  45. Auzentech HomeTheater HD or Asus Xonar HDAV1.3 Deluxe?
  46. my setup just pics
  47. Question about speakers
  48. 15 Sexiest Speakers
  49. Any music producers here?
  50. Need some suggestions
  51. Short review: Sennheiser HD 25-1 II
  52. Sugesstions and advice needed: video and music production
  53. which 24" LCD screen with tv tuner?
  54. Headphone + Soundcard advice
  55. Riddle me this experts! I can't get a straight answer anywhere
  56. confused about SPDIF ???
  57. 5.1/7.1 Amp Seperate
  58. Audigy 2 ZS Question
  59. Which Speakers to go with my Amp
  60. best way to hook up computer to receiver
  61. My car stereo
  62. Help required: Wireless/Wired sound systems
  63. Recommand me a set of cans.
  64. Buying a New 46" TV?
  65. Sennheiser HD448's?
  66. New Computer Speaker System
  67. Sound card advice please.
  68. New projector for the HT room!!
  69. I need help picking out a TV for the bedroom.
  70. Can you get AC3, DTS-HD out of HTPC?
  71. need some help with HTPC / 7.1 analog
  72. HTPC Build done, for now!
  73. Dynex HD LCD Tv
  74. What would you guys think about this deal on a TV?
  75. Anyone into turntables?
  76. HTPC build recommendations
  77. 6.1 Surround Sound Help
  78. I want to upgrade!
  79. Best Bang4dabuck 32 to 40" TV?
  80. Anyone use a Soundbar and are happy with it?
  81. You're about to buy a ready built HTPC - what does the deal have to include?
  82. [US] Rejoice - Louder TV / Quieter Commercials (well, slightly)
  83. PC to LCD TV connection advice
  84. Audio channel messed up, speakrs I dunno
  85. Whats the difference between the LCD panels?
  86. when i ever need help with anything i think of this place so here it goes.
  87. Help: building an HTPC (software not hardware)
  88. "Boxing Day" Sony 40"
  89. Mobo and audio
  90. What brand TV do you own ?
  91. "File Management" iTunes, etc Issues
  92. Panasonic, Sony promise 67GB Blu-ray discs
  93. what stores still sell vizio
  94. dose game mode make a difference with the viera plasmas
  95. NAD T741 AVR, good buy?
  96. need help with samsung HLR6167WAX/XAA
  97. ipod nano any good
  98. any need a toshiba rear projection controller board
  99. Looking for a tv, what do you think about this one?
  100. do hdmi cat1 cables do 1080p24 or just 1080i30 officially
  101. Question on cable tv for school setup.
  102. Media PC Suggestions
  103. need recomdetion for floor standing speakers and amplifier/reciver
  104. Need a Receiver!
  105. Cheapest Soundcard with TRUEHD out
  106. Recording Equipment/software
  107. Best hdtv lcd sub $750?
  108. PCI noise??
  109. Yamaha 7.2 receiver turning off after 5 seconds
  110. Where to Put Two Subwoofers.
  111. Speaker wire
  112. X-Fi Titanium Fatal1ty
  113. Hooking PC speakers to a TV
  114. New subwoofer project started
  115. Need Advice: PC Speakers
  116. My Budget Home Theater
  117. X-Fi Titanium Fatal1ty problem with 7.1
  118. subwoofer for M-Audio AV40s
  119. Help: iPod+HP Compaq DC7700 Audio out
  120. 7.1 0r 5.1 headphones??? help please
  121. Frenzied Classical Music
  122. HD3300 & S-Video (Halp!)
  123. Looking for a good headset.
  124. Anyone use Linux based Media Center
  125. I need a wall mount recommendation
  126. How do I figure out what type of panel and the pixel refresh ms for this TV?
  127. Cyberlink PowerDirector 8: The Demon Spawn from Hell's Seventh Layer
  128. What I've been working on for the past week...
  129. clip - Time to bash some snake oil companies
  130. Buds Buds Buds!
  131. 96 Olds Delta 88
  132. Changing the cross over frequency!
  133. Earphones and Speakers...
  134. Need advice on speakers
  135. would u guys buy custom hdmi cables
  136. I want an LED
  137. yet another headphone reccomendation thread
  138. hd 720p or 1080i
  139. Speaker decisions
  140. Controlling an Onkyo Receiver via HTPC Serial
  141. DJ MIDI Controller
  142. Home theater set up/TV question
  143. Haier
  144. General Display Advice
  145. Banana Plugs for Speakers
  146. Help picking out new Headphones
  147. Panasonic TC-P42S2
  148. Picking a Subwoofer
  149. HDMI 1.4a!
  150. New headphones
  151. Can extreme volume damage headphones?
  152. No sound after a while?
  153. Witch Sound Cards for my HT?
  154. Best in-ear headphones ever
  155. VGA to RCA and no TV-Out
  156. DirecTV box lockup solution
  157. Help Find: LCD TV that fits inside cabinet
  158. Software to configure Surround Sound?
  159. Panasonic Viera TC-L32C22 as monitor?
  160. Home theatre 24p Digital receiver
  161. Frames per second, Refresh rates, Panels.... Oh my!
  162. What to connect 2 bare wire speakers to
  163. PC Power Conditioners?
  164. Looking for a receiver - Help
  165. Spare Receiver
  166. Need cheap hi-fi equipment
  167. if cable companies have to support m-card devices were do u buy them
  168. 6.25 to 3.5 inch jack adapter, Where do you get this thing?
  169. DVD > Zune HD
  170. can u convert Sony SRS-A21 with USB to power it
  171. another 'Which headphones?' thread
  172. i got Sennheiser HD-555 but i need help
  173. Sound from HDMI or from X-fi
  174. Using laptop as temp HTPC - need to keep screen cool.
  175. Stereo Budget build. Pioneer HPM-100 Speakers?
  176. Best headphones for $80
  177. Forte SPDIF problem
  178. Need New tv.
  179. DVD Backup
  180. Onkyo Receiver Turning Volume Down By Itself?
  181. noise interference
  182. Genelec Speakers use in Home theator
  183. BLURAY downsampling audio etc...Lynx cards etc.. solutions?
  184. Gaming/Music headphones - $200
  185. Help me pick a color scheme!
  186. Samsung-LN32C450 + Asus Eee Box suggestion
  187. Stand for 58" Plasma recommendations
  188. Tune your LED T.V.
  189. TV Humming Sounds
  190. Home Audio Install service?
  191. X-Fi Forte headphone background clicking - help needed
  192. Windows Media Player Classic Remote
  193. Change from Auzentech forte
  194. How to get good sound using USB?
  195. MMX 300 Headset
  196. A new addition to the family
  197. [Question] Best Soundcard 2010
  198. Subwoofer arrived, broken is my heart
  199. New DIY Projects soon!
  200. Problem!
  201. WDTV + WD 1TB 2.5 Lag Problem?
  202. Second Hand Receivers
  203. Ripping DVDs
  204. Speaker Frequency Info
  205. Screen Resolution vs screen size
  206. blu-ray iso to video bluray across two discs
  207. <$200 2.0/2.1/5.1 speaker set w/ remote for TV
  208. X-Fi Xteme audio problem
  209. 240hz LED LCD vs 600hz Plasma? Which one has better picture?
  210. 3.5mm to RCA Problem
  211. Can accidental pull on the headphone cables from time to time ruin my cans?
  212. Need advice on audio setup
  213. 55" Vizio
  214. Black Ops Limited Edition Trittons or Turtle Beach x41's...?
  215. New HDTV and Comcast
  216. Help choosing system :3
  217. New beast
  218. Best place to buy video & audio cables?
  219. Rf-83
  220. New DAC
  221. Good earbuds?
  222. Anyone got amp suggestions for me? :)
  223. LCD HDTV suggestions
  224. Any DJ's?
  225. General Audio Guides, Tips and Interesting Information
  226. Bridging vs Bi amping
  227. My Apartment Sized Setup
  228. PowerDVD 7.3 Ultra - Does it support Today's Bluray Movies??
  229. Ceton InfiniTV 4 ?
  230. Woofer size and power usage.
  231. Seperate hd6950 audio from sound card audio for multitasking?
  232. What are your plans for future HTPC builds?
  233. Looking for a solid 2.1 stereo system
  234. sound issue with msi tv card
  235. Need help finding a BUILD rig, dont have time to build!
  236. ***HTPC/Lounge Room GALLERY THREAD***
  237. HTPC/Theatre
  238. HTPC troubles
  239. Soundcard for laptops, help
  240. Preamps/Dac and digtal/analog
  241. New HTPC
  242. Laptop as an HTPC?
  243. Best under $100 in ear head phones
  244. HTPC/Sound Cards and nice Recievers
  245. ONKYO HTX-22HDX Ultra-Compact HD Home Theater System
  246. B&W HTM61 for LCR channel in HT setup
  247. High Current, High Voltage, Impedance.
  248. Onkyo Customer Service - For The Lose
  249. New/first HTPC
  250. PCI-e Card Mod ?