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  1. Nice idea kazoo
  2. code snippets
  3. What language do you use to most?
  4. awk goodness
  5. What kind of OC program would you like?
  6. regular expressions
  7. Xtreme Benchmarking Suite
  8. Preferred/Best PHP Content Management System?
  9. Strange Pixel Shader
  10. Need help on Java coding, especially method calls
  11. Binary Converter
  12. html/php/etc?
  13. What is the best way to learn C++?
  14. bug in forum code
  15. CPU-Z Validator Signature
  16. program simple games
  17. MotherBoard Monitor 5
  18. A Free Open Source Assembly RAD Tool
  19. Need web designer!
  20. Java
  21. Looking for a Webdesigner.
  22. XtremeSystems.org MSN Bot?
  23. Polymorphism
  24. Mutation strings
  25. XtremeSystems Linux patchset
  26. XS Demo leet converter
  27. XS Oem tag installer
  28. XS Series Clock Gen's
  29. who can make a clock generator???
  30. PuzzleSolver - a platform independent cpu test
  31. [REQUEST]Backup script
  32. *Sigh* Program Logic
  33. Help find BASIC Run
  34. New Coder's corner project.
  35. Learning how to Program?
  36. Importing / Exporting Data from text file in VBA - No Wizards!
  37. Quickboot XP
  38. EFS Codec: Personal Dev. Project
  39. 5.1 > Headphones shortcut key?
  40. want to learn how to code
  41. C++ project help
  42. program to limit cpu use while on battery power
  43. Who wants to work on fast prime number algorithms?
  44. vb6 DirListBox and more help
  45. Some useful tools
  46. Boot.ini file question.
  47. need to know what this would entail
  48. Renameing Files (Question)
  49. Show off your personal website!
  50. HEX Help (A8N32-SLI Deluxe BIOS)
  51. Is this possible? (batch file)
  52. Batch File help
  53. .ini Skin Coding... Yay!
  54. Linux Gurus: If there are any here...
  55. Visual C++ 2005 anyone???
  56. <iostream.h> not found?
  57. Help First Time Visual Studio 2005 User
  58. Just Code
  59. Any one now where i can get the source code for...
  60. will pay someone $40 to do some java coding for me
  61. database transfer
  62. Java Help: My first Applet
  63. C#
  64. need to find 64bit C++ compiler for windows x64
  65. Want to code a renderer
  66. simple request
  67. CS Help, Pretty Simple
  68. Sentinel UltraPro Hardware Keys help
  69. Java Help
  70. HTML question
  71. CS Help again, Still Simple
  72. website expire and cache
  73. What language and how would I call in certain items
  74. What's the usefulness of Java?
  75. Java Help
  76. Any Access Gurus around here?
  77. Play One Layer In Flash (Action Script)
  78. Any Java Imaging guys who know ImageIO and JAI?
  79. Guide: Use the internals of OcBible!
  80. Do I need to learn a new language?
  81. [JS] Document.getelementbyid has no properties?
  82. Windows code for core affinity?
  83. Need Help Writing This is Java
  84. Help me make drawing with characters and strings in JAVA
  85. USB device recognition/hardware number with VB.NET
  86. Java recursions, help
  87. need help with speech web app
  88. assembly help
  89. Where to get c# 2005 training courses in san diego?
  90. How to get optimal pairing?
  91. Looking for programmer to make me an app.
  92. want to learn to code.
  93. ?
  94. E-Book Assignment (Web Design)
  95. comprehensive car makes and models list
  96. Fast Blurring Algorithms in Managed Code?
  97. NBCCCalc by money11465
  98. C++ Compiler for Windows.
  99. Favourite toolkit
  100. how to create hardware program......?
  101. Actionscript+PHP help needed
  102. ny1 to write me a short script ? SuperFetch for winXP
  103. Your Logic.
  104. Librarys/Examples of reading in OBJ files?
  105. programming help (typedef, c, list, pointers, syntaxt probems likely)
  106. Forget about php/asp - In with the new
  107. Javascript Countdown
  108. Calculator Code
  109. Voice recognition's code
  110. Pull CPU info from website
  111. HTML Help.
  112. Fast access for your controls (C# code).
  113. add a proxy browser to my website?
  114. SQL Questions
  115. Anyone using CUDA or CTM?
  116. What is the salry range of a php programmer?
  117. Starting points for all programmers!
  118. BIOS Programming/Modifying
  119. Visual Studio help
  120. C++ Reading Recomendations
  121. [cTx] looking for a PHP web guy/gal
  122. Fun Qbasic code lol... yes its ancient
  123. C# Computer Compare program by Yakyb
  124. Is it safe to use the character "&" in folder names in WinXP?
  125. AP Computer Science A
  126. HTML css thumbnails
  127. XS Bench
  128. a plugin for visual studio that makes text all colorful and readable like notepad++ ?
  129. Move / Jiggle the mouse every so often
  130. need another set of eyes for this..
  131. visual basic checkboxlist max
  132. Simple DOS commands/script
  133. OMG Screw Hostgator !!!!!
  134. Info on M$ Action Pack please
  135. Vista Command Prompt
  136. OS for mobile phones
  137. What programming language is use for firmware?
  138. C++ to .exe
  139. Completely new to programming.
  140. Java newbie working with BlueJ
  141. dynamic web pages & passing info to flash
  142. Apache Ant for Java
  143. Quick Question
  144. Book: Programming games in Java...
  145. Accessing the parallel port in Win Xp (Visual C)
  146. Somme app that can read Vcore and Freq
  147. A CPUID library!
  148. OMG! I need a software license
  149. Developer needed for VGA BIOS Editor
  150. [PHP] Calling method from different class
  151. [WIN32 C/C++] USB Device
  152. TI 84 Plus Calculator sPi
  153. Build Estore!
  154. Any InstallShield users ? Small help needed
  155. Databases...
  156. VB.net Help
  157. Some Serious IA-32 Help needed...Assembly
  158. Question about Linpack
  159. Need help finding something!
  160. modding ntune
  161. VB 6... replace? mid?
  162. Really Hoping Someone Knows C Well...
  163. Computer Science
  164. Images
  165. Game Devel with CrystalSpace / CEL / Blender Users?
  166. Olly Dbg v1.10
  167. CSS uber nub
  168. Internal Database Server
  169. Need some PHP assistance...
  170. C# .NET: Hijacking/controlling keyboard input
  171. Windows/NTBackup Scripting
  172. virtual drive
  173. A little help with PHP!
  174. So, hiring someone - how can i test them?
  175. VB help with button
  176. Decompiler
  177. Programming in C?
  178. Javascript.
  179. Anyone good with UML?
  180. C# Basic help.
  181. Changing who own an existing windows service
  182. Best free compiler?
  183. Clarification for Ajax usage
  184. Need some help with excel
  185. Need Help- Java
  186. Batch Script Help. - I need a delay
  187. Need help with C
  188. Help creating a simple script - Click here, click there, etc..
  189. Thinking about finishing up what I started yrs ago in Computer Programming
  190. Vbulletin help
  191. Need some help with C++ classes (forward declaration etc.)
  192. Excel macro help
  193. Script needed to emulate keystroke / mouse click in windows / terminal server
  194. Best Website Design software.
  195. Writing XCOPY .bat
  196. Anyone here program Atmel AVR MCU's?
  197. Help with website code
  198. [Delphi] FindColorTolerance - Improve Speed?
  199. Easy software request: a box that flashes black and white
  200. HTML - Intranet page and butons that open application
  201. Problems with reading a .pdf
  202. Forum Rules
  203. Prime Cores V1.0 Freeware
  204. PHP + MS SQL Server - how to make it work??? HELP!!! :(
  205. Forcing Patches to Install
  206. PHP help
  207. Function in PHP help
  208. Move method in php
  209. need help making a java calculator
  210. Any Oracle geniuses about?
  211. MSSQL error: Invalid pseudocolumn "$_POST"
  212. MSSQL error: The name "XXX" is not permitted in this context...
  213. PLEASE help (Javascript.. new question) need to do it in the next 5 hours :(
  214. Regular expressions in Python
  215. getting mutator to work on udk
  216. Php link data
  217. Protect download links
  218. TCL help (or any language), write a program that converts TEXT to HTML
  219. java.. looking for someone who can help me
  220. Looking for help for project due thursday
  221. Notepad++ help
  222. A few must know resources
  223. Font Image Generator:please help
  224. Optimizing code: Brute force prime number generator
  225. Csc 175
  226. Looking for a webmaster - part-time
  227. hex?
  228. PHP help
  229. Any Coders here at all?
  230. Trusting trust
  231. PHP mysql maximum field width problem
  232. Userinit replacement for Win7...
  233. I have a project - Need a web master/designer!
  234. ECLIPSE for android apps?
  235. Looking for someone to take over the G15 plugin from Core Temp
  236. PHP Mysql security
  237. Java Blue J help
  238. ExSetTimerResolution, I need help...
  239. Questions about learning gamer programming
  240. WordPress issue, some hyperlinks cannot be created
  241. ATT Programmers - advice needed
  242. Programming and Linux/Unix?
  243. Recommendation wanted: OO PHP manual/book
  244. Procedural vs OOP: power, memory size, etc
  245. VBScript automation for monthly file transfer.
  246. Computer programming basics
  247. Why Do We Still Have So Many Visual C++ Installed?
  248. Programming for non-x86 (& x64)
  249. checkbox inside a datagridview ( C#)
  250. HTML Coding