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  1. [News] New wave of data-encrypting malware hits Russia and Ukraine
  2. [News] Highly transparent solar cells could be boon for green energy
  3. [News] Huawei has a working prototype foldable smartphone too
  4. [News] Seagate: 20TB+ drives in 2019 and 40TB or higher by 2023
  5. [News] Graphics card vendors will see shipments further rise in 2017
  6. [News] Intel Optane SSD 900p Makes a Secret Appearance - has PCI Express 4.0 interfac
  7. [News] ASUS ROG STRIX 1070 Ti, Turbo Graphics Cards Pictured
  8. [News] Seagate Technology Reports Fiscal First Quarter 2018 Financial Results
  9. [News] EVGA GeForce GTX 1070 Ti Graphics Cards Pictures Out in the Wild
  10. [News] Thermaltake Announces Toughpower iRGB Plus Platinum PSU Series
  11. [News] Sale of Toshiba Memory Corporation Approved by Toshiba's Shareholders
  12. [News] Supermicro Unveils New 8-Socket Server for Intel Xeon Scalable Processors
  13. [News] Microsoft Classic IntelliMouse, the Return of an Icon
  14. [News] AOC Unveils the Q3279VWF Monitor: 31.5", 1440p, 60 Hz, FreeSync
  15. [News] Samsung PM971 NVMe SSD Surfaces
  16. [News] ASUS reveals dual Xeon motherboard, supports 768GB RAM
  17. [News] AMD announces 307% increase earnings year-over-year
  18. HWiNFO32/64 v5.60 released
  19. [News] Comcast asks the FCC to prohibit states from enforcing net neutrality
  20. [News] Qualcomm surges on acquisition rumor
  21. [News] Asus ROG G703 laptop with 17.3-inch 144Hz display unleashed
  22. [News] Nvidia reveals photoreal fake people portrait generator
  23. [News] NVIDIA Teases Titan X Collector's Edition Graphics Card
  24. [News] Intel Launches High-Density ARM-based Stratix 10 FPGA on 14 nm
  25. [News] Lenovo Acquires Majority Stake in Fujitsu's PC Unit
  26. [News] Apple Reports Fourth Quarter Results
  27. [Various] 1070Ti Review
  28. [News] Intel Hires Raja Koduri, to Develop Discrete GPUs, This Time for Real
  29. [News] Latest Intel Graphics Driver Enables Netflix HDR
  30. [News] NVIDIA Announces the TITAN Xp Star Wars Collectable Editions
  31. [News] Broadcom's Latest Qualcomm Buyout Bid is $105 Billion
  32. [News] Logitech Tells Harmony Link Owners to Bid Their Devices Goodbye
  33. [News] WDC Announces Successful Repricing of $2.963 Billion of USD Term B Loans
  34. [News] Intel Halts Sales Broadwell-E Intel Core i7 6800K, 6850K, 6900K & 6950X
  35. [News] Qualcomm announces shipments of 10nm Centriq 2400 processors
  36. [News] Apple will invent Google Glass by 2020
  37. [News] Cryptojacking: Over 2,500 Websites Out There to Steal Your CPU Time
  38. [News] Researchers find almost EVERY computer with an Intel Skylake and above CPU can
  39. [News] Qualcomm Centriq 2400 to challenge Intel
  40. [News] Qualcomm next server chip is Firetrail
  41. [News] Next Gen Consumer Grade Nvidia GeForce GPU Could Be "Ampere"
  42. [News] Intel Doubles Capacity of World's Most Responsive Data Center SSD
  43. [News] Intel NUC Based on Intel+Vega MCM Leaked
  44. [News] NVIDIA Announces Financial Results for Third Quarter Fiscal 2018
  45. [News] CORSAIR Builds the World's Fastest 32GB 4x8GB DDR4 Memory Kit
  46. [News] Samsung Announces New GDDR6 Memory, 8 TB NGSFF SSD
  47. [News] MINIX Creator Andrew Tanenbaum Sends Open Letter to Intel Over MINIX Drama
  48. [News] AMD Cards Not Compatible With DK2 After Oculus Platform Update
  49. [News] Daimler and HPE want to power green data centers with hydrogen
  50. [News] Internet giant Alibaba crushes one-day online shopping record
  51. [News] Kingmax Announces the Zeus Dragon DDR4 Memory Series
  52. [News] ASUS Also Intros ROG Strix XG32VQ 32-inch Curved Gaming Monitor
  53. [News] ASUS Intros the WS X299 SAGE Motherboard
  54. [News] Nvidia boss says Koduri defection bad for AMD
  55. [News] Micron Advances Persistent Memory with 32GB NVDIMM
  56. [News] Qualcomm Says No Thank You to Broadcom's $105 Billion Buyout Bid
  57. [News] Intel, Micron Increase 3D XPoint Manufacturing Capacity Through Fab Expansion
  58. [News] Jonsbo NC-1 Heatspreader Lets You Add RGB Bling to Your Basic Memory Modules
  59. [News] AMD Expands EPYC Availability, Introduces ROCm 1.7 With Tensor Flow Support
  60. [News] China Pulls Ahead of U.S. in Latest TOP500 List
  61. [News] NVIDIA Announces SaturnV AI Supercomputer Powered by "Volta"
  62. [News] Security firm beats Apple Face ID with a mask
  63. [News] Full screen iPhones out next year
  64. [News] 20 qubit IBM Q System goes online, available to clients soon
  65. [News] TDK Launches SD and MicroSD Memory Cards with SLC/pSLC NAND Flash
  66. [News] Synaptics's AudioSmart USB-C Codec Earns THX Certification
  67. [News] GIGABYTE Partners with Cavium to Deliver New ARM Server Solutions
  68. [News] OnePlus includes Qualcomm engineering app in phones, exposes root backdoor
  69. [News] VESA Rolls Out DisplayID Version 2.0
  70. [News] Q4 2017 300 mm Silicon Wafer Pricing to Increase 20% YoY in DRAM-like Squeeze
  71. [News] Intel and AMD Radeon licensing is feasible
  72. [News] Intel Halts Xeon Phi accelerator Knights Hill Development
  73. [News] QNAP Unveils QBoat Sunny Single-Board IoT Mini Server
  74. [News] Intel Readies Optane DIMM Roll-out for 2018
  75. [News] Qualcomm invests in Chinese AI
  76. [News] US government investigates Apple?s patent theft
  77. [News] Qualcomm Centriq processor server benchmarks shared
  78. [News] VIA Announces VIA ARTiGO A630 Enterprise IoT Gateway System
  79. [News] First Intel Z390 Chipset Motherboard Spotted in SANDRA Database
  80. [News] But Can It Run Crysis? 10 Years Later
  81. [News] Google Fiber now sells $55-per-month gigabit Internet (in one city)
  82. [News] Kaspersky: Yes, we obtained NSA secrets. No, we didn?t help steal them
  83. [News] UK government announces tech sector investment programmes
  84. [News] Samsung starts biggest reshuffle
  85. [News] NVIDIA Quietly Rolls Out GeForce MX130 and MX110 Notebook GPUs
  86. [News] Qualcomm's NXP Semiconductors deal likely to go through
  87. [News] Intel Halts Certain UEFI BIOS Class Level 2 Compatibility Modes In 2020
  88. [News] 4K UHD Netflix content on NVIDIA GPUs (update) MS Pulls Free HEVC Support
  89. [News] EVGA DG-7 Series Gaming Case Available on Pre-order
  90. [News] Intel to Redeem 2.95% Junior Subordinated Convertible Debentures Due 2035
  91. [News] G.Skill Announces Trident Z DDR4-4400 32GB CL19 Kit
  92. [News] Intel Set to Launch Their New 5G Modems in 2019
  93. [News] CaseLabs' Popular Magnum SMA8 Case Undergoes Transformation
  94. [News] Microsoft and GitHub team up to take Git virtual file system to macOS, Linux
  95. [News] Intel to Bring Additional Assembly Online to Improve Supply of Coffee Lake CPU
  96. [News] Japan, Europe say ?yes? to Qualcomm, NXP takeover
  97. [News] iMac Pro to feature always-on 'Hey Siri' voice commands
  98. [News] ASUS Offers ROG Strix XG32VQ 32-Inch WQHD Curved Gaming Monitor
  99. [News] Samsung's Z-NAND to Compete Favorably With Intel's Optane
  100. [News] Apple giving up on micro-LED research
  101. [News] Intel XMM 7660 4G announced
  102. [News] Nvidia widens gap in Q3 GPU market share, says JPR
  103. [News] Exotic magnetic states facilitate hardware neural networks
  104. [News] HP is going to build servers with AMD Epyc processors
  105. [News] ASUS Launches World's First Ryzen 7-Powered Laptop - The ROG Strix GL702ZC
  106. [News] "Summit" Supercomputer to Propel US Back to Number 1 in Top 500 by 2018
  107. [News] Toshiba to Enable 14 TB, PMR HDDs as Soon as 2018
  108. [News] Giant Chipmaker Marvell Technology Devours Smaller Rival Cavium for $6 Billion
  109. [News] Meg Whitman quits HPE
  110. [News] Moore's Law can last two more generations
  111. [News] Broadband pricing study shows vast disparity worldwide
  112. [News] Gold and Platinum Editions for the Drobo 5N2 and 5D3 Make Their Debut
  113. [News] Researchers Find Glaring Intel ME Security Flaws, Company Outs Detection Tool
  114. [News] The FCC's Proposal To Nuke Net Neutrality
  115. [News] EU to outlaw online geo-blocking
  116. [News] Broadband pricing study shows vast disparity worldwide
  117. [News] MSI Offers Optix MAG24C 24-Inch Full HD Curved Gaming Monitor
  118. [News] Japan Opens Prototype Quantum Computing System for Public, Worldwide Use
  119. [News] ASUS BIOS Change-log Reveals New Ryzen Processors Incoming
  120. [News] Ajit Pai wants to reverse BitTorrent decision
  121. [News] MediaTek releases new MT2621 chipset
  122. [News] Qualcomm 7nm made by TSMC
  123. [News] Lian Li looks to lead the pack with their new Alpha case range
  124. [News] FSP Offers a Powerful 2000W Dedicated Mining Power Supply
  125. [News] LiteOn Intros EPX Series M.2 NVMe SSDs
  126. [News] AMD EPYC 7601 Processors Set Two New World Records on SPEC CPU Benchmarks
  127. [News] Vega 8 Mobile GPU Seemingly Ditches HBM2 Memory, Makes Use of System DDR4 Pool
  128. [News] G.SKILL Releases Ultra Low Latency CL17 Trident Z RGB DDR4-4266MHz Kits
  129. [News] 8th and 9th Gen Intel Core Processor Model Names Revealed
  130. [News] UK government targets 'technological revolution' in Autumn Budget
  131. [News] US National Laboratory?s High Performance Computing Division has 750-node Rasp
  132. [News] Computer pioneer logs off
  133. [News] First Real Ryzen 5 2500U Benchmark
  134. [News] Intel Extends the Core i9 Brand to the Mobile Platform
  135. [News] EK Water Blocks Announces Availability of the EK-MLC Phoenix
  136. [News] GE and NVIDIA Join Forces to Accelerate AI Adoption in Healthcare
  137. [News] GE Healthcare Partners with Intel to Accelerate Imaging from Edge to Cloud
  138. [News] Synology Announces Virtual Machine Manager and Virtual DSM
  139. [News] GIGABYTE Outs Security Measures Against Intel ME and TXE Vulnerabilities
  140. [News] Samsung to Showcase its First MicroLED Display Implementation at CES
  141. [News] HP quietly installs system-slowing spyware on its PCs
  142. [News] Imgur warns of 1.7 million account data breach
  143. [News] Intel shares comparative AMD Epyc server test results
  144. [News] Samsung develops 5x faster charging battery
  145. [News] ASUS Launches ROG STRIX XG258Q Monitor: 24.5" TN, 1080p, 1ms, 240 Hz FreeSync
  146. [News] Toshiba Announces 10TB Surveillance Hard Drive
  147. [News] Ajit Pai blames Cher and Hulk actor for ginning up net neutrality support
  148. [News] macOS bug lets you log in as admin with no password required
  149. [News] Samsung develops 5x faster charging battery
  150. [News] Philips Launches 356M6QJAB/11 35-Inch Monitor
  151. [News] iiyama introduces two new G-Master GB2730QS and G3266HS gaming monitors
  152. [News] Biostar Debuts S150 Series Value SSD Lineup with a 120GB Model
  153. [News] HDMI 2.1 Specification Sets New Resolution Standard
  154. [News] Cherry Announces the MC 4900 Mouse with Fingerprint Reader
  155. [News] Toshiba Memory Unveils UFS Devices Utilizing 64-Layer 3D Flash
  156. [News] Samsung Starts Mass Production of its 2nd Generation 10nm FinFET
  157. [News/Rumor] Intel Core i7-9700k Could Have 8 Cores (16 Threads)
  158. [News] Boffins create 50 qubits quantum simulators
  159. [News] Personal computing devices slump
  160. [News] Samsung finds another use for graphene balls
  161. [News] Samsung begins 10LPP mass production
  162. [News] Latest Samsung 960 Pro Firmware Update Causes Application Freezes, Instability
  163. [News] Toshiba Memory Corporation Unveils 2TB XG5-P NVMe SSD
  164. [News] Intel, Warner Bros. Aim to Develop In-Cabin Experiences for Autonomous Cars
  165. [News] Western Digital To Leverage RISC-V For Big Data And Fast Data Environments
  166. [News] Web Cryptocurrency Mining Evolves: Now Keeps Running After Closing Browser
  167. [News] Apple will create its own power management chips
  168. [News] Comcast waters down net neutrality pledge
  169. [News] System76 disables Intel ME
  170. [News] Qualcomm finds more patents Apple "borrowed"
  171. [News] Chip-scale optical computing facilitated by squeezing light
  172. [News] Apple plans cheapest 9.7-inch iPad yet
  173. [News] Samsung Achieves 1.7Gbit/s Downloads with 5G traveling at 100 km/h in a train
  174. [News] NVIDIA Expands AI Startup Portfolio with Investments in 3 Data Science Compani
  175. [News] Intel Collaborates with Amazon to Build $250 DeepLens AI Camera
  176. [News] AMD Second-generation Ryzen "Pinnacle Ridge" Confirmed to Support AM4
  177. [News] Broadcom prepares for board room battle for Qualcomm
  178. [News] Europe set to clamp down on Bitcoins
  179. [News] AMD confirms Raven Ridge Vega 11 and halts production Vega Reference Cards
  180. [News] Roadmap Shows HEDT Cascade Lake-X Q4 2018, Gemini Lake and Coffee Lake S
  181. [News] FSP Launches the 80 Plus Gold All-Modular "Hydro GE" PSU
  182. [News] Onward to the Singularity: Google AI Develops Better Artificial Intelligences
  183. [News] Enermax Intros Liqtech TR4 280 CPU Cooler
  184. [News] Apple agrees to pay more than $15 billion to Ireland in back taxes
  185. [News] AMD Working on GDDR6 Memory Controller For Future Graphics Cards
  186. [News] Quantum Dot colour conversion breakthrough
  187. [News] Macronix comes up with new 3D NAND structure
  188. [News] 5G likely to be C-band
  189. [News] Nvidia AI can change video scenes from winter to summer
  190. [News] WD Announces New Line of SanDisk 3D iNAND Embedded Flash Devices
  191. [News] Iiyama Reveals New G-Master GB2730QS and G3266HS Gaming Monitors
  192. [News] ARRIS Breaks the Piggy Bank to Buy Ruckus Wireless & ICX Switch Business
  193. [News] BIOSTAR Unleashes Radeon RX Vega Series for 4K Gaming and Crypto Mining Pros
  194. [News] Samsung Starts Producing First 512-Gigabyte Universal Flash Storage
  195. [News] Toshiba Launches 10TB HDD for NAS Applications
  196. [News] AMD Officially but Silently Downgrades Radeon RX 560 with an 896 SP Variant
  197. [News] Home cable continues to die
  198. [News] Intel and Foxconn show off 5G facial recognition
  199. [News] YouTube on Amazon devices feud escalates
  200. [News] IBM Unveils Industry's Most Advanced Server Designed for Artificial Intelligen
  201. [News] Microsoft Azure Becomes First Global Cloud Provider to Deploy AMD EPYC
  202. [News] Microsoft Launches Windows 10 for ARM, Always Connected PCs
  203. [News] Google Uses the Nuclear Option Against Amazon, Pulls YouTube from Fire TV
  204. [News] Select AMD Mobile Platforms to Include Qualcomm-Powered LTE Capabilities
  205. [News] Philips 32" QHD 328P6AUBREB Monitor Offers 99% Adobe RGB, docking USB-C, $500
  206. [News] Kingston SSDs Featuring Phison Controllers Power Over 18 Million PCs and Syste
  207. [News] Qualcomm Issues Statement on Broadcom Director Nominees
  208. [News] FCC parrots telcos' outright lies
  209. [News] MediaTek good to Go
  210. [News] Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 to ship in devices from early 2018
  211. [News] PowerColor Announces Next-Gen Gaming Station eGFX Enclosure
  212. [News] Western Digital Announces "State of Object Storage" Survey
  213. [News] HP ENVY x2 Pushes the Boundaries of Mobile Computing
  214. [News] ASUS Intros B250 Mining Expert Motherboard with 19 PCIe Slots
  215. [News] Steam Removes Bitcoin Support as Payment Option
  216. [News] AMD Issues Official Statement Regarding RX 560 Silent Downgrade
  217. [News] Oracle?s dirty tricks war against Google
  218. [News] Intel might be preparing to off Nvidia
  219. [News] Intel to use Cobalt for interconnect layers at 10nm
  220. [News] Rambus outlines HBM3 and DDR5 specs in investor meeting
  221. [News] Toshiba Launches World?s First 14TB HDD with Conventional Magnetic Recording
  222. [News] NVLINK Bridge costs 599 USD
  223. [News] Razer & Ignition Design Labs Bring Gaming Grade WiFi Networking to Homes
  224. [News] NVIDIA Announces TITAN V "Volta" Graphics Card
  225. [News] NVIDIA TITAN V Lacks SLI or NVLink Support
  226. [News] ZOTAC Announces ZOTAC GAMING Initiative and the Ultra-Slim MEK1 Gaming PC
  227. [News] AMD Triples Black Friday, Cyber Monday CPU Sales
  228. [News] AMD's new Ryzen 7 2800X teased: 12C/24T at up to 5.1GHz
  229. HWiNFO32/64 v5.70 released
  230. [News] Apple to buy song recognition company Shazam
  231. [News] TSMC to make $20bn record investment in advanced 3nm chips
  232. [News] Manli Announces P104-100 Turnkey Mining System
  233. [News] Corsair Intros VS-series Compact Entry-level PSUs
  234. [News] Acer Intros PE320QK 32-inch Professional Monitor
  235. [News] NAND Flash Supply to Improve in 1Q18
  236. [News] NVIDIA's Latest Titan V GPU Benchmarked, Shows Impressive Performance
  237. [News] DeepCool QuadStellar Four-lobed Chassis Starts Selling
  238. [News] You can now pre-order apps for Apple devices
  239. [News] Foxconn hits record
  240. [News] Samsung is working on Windows 10 on Snapdragon
  241. [News] France says ?non? to mobiles in schools
  242. [News] Hundreds of HP laptop models include pre-installed keylogger
  243. [News] Marvell Announces 802.11ax multi-gigabit WIFI Wireless Portfolio
  244. [News] Intel Announces New Pentium Silver and Celeron Processors
  245. [News] VESA Announces the DisplayHDR v1.0 Specification
  246. [News] Toshiba Unveils Embedded NAND Flash Memory Products for Automotive Application
  247. [News] AMD Announces the Radeon Software Adrenalin Edition
  248. [News] Fujitsu's WAN Acceleration Technology Delivers Transfer Speeds Up to 40 Gbps
  249. [News] Trump approves federal ban on Kaspersky
  250. [News] Analysts expect AMD to go EPYC