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  49. nintendo wii makes new peeing game....yes i said pee...
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  59. Pokemon GO broke iTunes record for most downloads in its first week Read more: http:
  60. Investors Realize Nintendo Doesn't Own Pokemon, Stock Prices Plummet
  61. Nintendo NX said to be a portable with detachable controllers
  62. Nintendo gives NX contract to Nvidia
  63. Nintendo successfully patents external console upgrade box
  64. Super Mario Bros. themed watch costs $27,000
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  68. Nintendo Switch - Reveal Trailer
  69. Nintendo Switch?s price, launch date will be announced on January 12
  70. Report says Nintendo Switch has 6.2-inch 720p multi-touch screen
  71. Nintendo, Facebook and Google all using Unity for future games
  72. Nintendo Switch console listed at CAD$329.99 by Toys R Us Canada
  73. Nintendo Switch Released March 3rd for 299 dolla
  74. Switch's paid online is made to attract third-party devs
  75. App Annie: 'Pok?mon Go' Made Almost $1B In 2016
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  78. Nintendo thinks it will sell 10-20 million Switches
  79. Nintendo NES Classic Edition has been discontinued
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